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weedy herb of eastern North America Acalypha virginica , three-seeded mercury
pungent Old World weedy plant Allium ursinum , Ramsons , wild garlic , wood garlic
any of numerous chiefly North American weedy plants constituting the genus Ambrosia that produce highly allergenic pollen responsible for much hay fever and asthma ambrosia , bitterweed , ragweed
weedy plant having short dry chafflike leaves bastard pimpernel , chaffweed , false pimpernel
weedy annual grass often occurs in grainfields and other cultivated land; seeds sometimes considered poisonous bearded darnel , cheat , darnel , Lolium temulentum , tare
weedy perennial with tough wiry stems and purple flowers; native to Europe but widely naturalized black knapweed , Centaurea nigra , hardheads , lesser knapweed
annual weedy herb with ephemeral yellow purple-eyed flowers; Old World tropics; naturalized as a weed in North America black-eyed Susan , bladder ketmia , flower-of-an-hour , flowers-of-an-hour , Hibiscus trionum
fern, weedy coarse bracken
weedy Eurasian plant often a pest in grain fields Brassica kaber , chadlock , charlock , field mustard , Sinapis arvensis , wild mustard
weedy annual native to Europe but widely distributed as a weed especially in wheat Bromus secalinus , cheat , chess
very leafy malodorous tropical weedy shrub whose seeds have been used as an adulterant for coffee; sometimes classified in genus Cassia Cassia occidentalis , coffee senna , mogdad coffee , Senna occidentalis , stinking weed , styptic weed
weedy annual with spikes of silver-white flowers Celosia argentea , red fox
weedy perennial of north temperate regions having woolly foliage and dirty white flowers in a leafy spike chafeweed , Gnaphalium sylvaticum , wood cudweed
common weedy European plant introduced into North America; often used as a potherb Chenopodium album , lamb's-quarters , pigweed , wild spinach
weedy vine of Argentina having solitary white flowers followed by egg-shaped white or yellow fruit cock's eggs , Salpichroa organifolia , Salpichroa rhomboidea
weedy trailing mat-forming herb with bright yellow flowers cultivated for its edible mildly acid leaves eaten raw or cooked especially in Indian and Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine; cosmopolitan common purslane , Portulaca oleracea , pusly , pussley , verdolagas
any of certain coarse weedy plants with long taproots, sometimes used as table greens or in folk medicine dock , sorrel , sour grass
weedy plant of southeastern United States having divided leaves and long clusters of greenish flowers dog fennel , Eupatorium capillifolium
European perennial weedy plant with greenish flowers dog's mercury , dog mercury , Mercurialis perennis
European erect or depressed annual weedy spurge adventive in northeastern United States dwarf spurge , Euphorbia exigua
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