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radar that will report altitude as well as azimuth and distance of a target 3d radar , three-dimensional radar
principal sacred text of Sikhism contains hymns and poetry as well as the teachings of the first five gurus Adi Granth , Granth , Granth Sahib
airfield equipped with control tower and hangers as well as accommodations for passengers and cargo aerodrome , airdrome , airport , drome
affluent person; a person who is financially well off affluent
not feeling well ailing , sick
relatively well-defined prevailing wind airstream
annual or perennial grasses including decorative and meadow species as well as notorious agricultural weeds Alopecurus , genus Alopecurus
someone who makes charitable donations intended to increase human well-being altruist , philanthropist
well drilled through impermeable strata into strata that receive water from a higher altitude so there is pressure to force the water to flow upward artesian well
means of digital communications that is capable of very high speeds; suitable for transmission of images or voice or video as well as data asynchronous transfer mode , ATM
high-ranking Shiite religious leader who is regarded as an authority on religious law and its interpretation and who has political power as well ayatollah
meal that is well prepared and greatly enjoyed banquet , feast , spread
pope who declared that Catholic princes are subject to the pope in temporal as well as in theological matters (1235-1303) Benedetto Caetani , Boniface VIII
something that aids or promotes well-being benefit , welfare
United States clarinetist who in 1934 formed a big band (including Black as well as White musicians) and introduced a kind of jazz known as swing (1909-1986) Benjamin David Goodman , Benny Goodman , Goodman , King of Swing
(nautical) a well where seepage drains to be pumped away bilge well
small grebe with yellow ear tufts and a black neck; found in Eurasia and southern Africa as well as western United States black-necked grebe , eared grebe , Podiceps nigricollis
small blackish stout-bodied biting fly having aquatic larvae; sucks the blood of birds as well as humans and other mammals blackfly , black fly , buffalo gnat
oil well, sudden escape of gas or liquid from blowout
private school where students are lodged and fed as well as taught boarding school
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