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whistle on a boat that is sounded as a warning boat whistle
nautical whistle boatswain's whistle
whistle stop burg , way station
steam-whistle organ calliope
call or whistle, derisive catcall
mocking whistle catcall
whistle, derisive catcall
whistle at a factory that is sounded to announce times for starting or stopping work factory whistle
woodwind with a vertical pipe and 8 finger holes and a whistle mouthpiece fipple flute , fipple pipe , recorder , vertical flute
kind of danceable music popular among black South Africans; includes a whistle among its instruments kwela
cord worn around the neck to hold a knife or whistle laniard , lanyard
whistle cord lanyard
string around neck for whistle, etc. lanyard
small North American owl having hornlike tufts of feathers whose call sounds like a quavering whistle Otus asio , screech owl
whistle in which the sound is produced by steam; usually attached to a steam boiler steam whistle
short horn or whistle sound toot
whistle blast toot
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