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wildflower with heart-shaped leaves and broad yellow flower heads; of alpine areas west of the Rockies from Alaska to southern California Arnica cordifolia , heartleaf arnica
wildflower of western North America having ragged clusters of crimson or scarlet flowers Castilleja miniata , giant red paintbrush
wildflower having vibrant deep pink tubular evening-blooming flowers; found in sandy and desert areas from southern California to southern Colorado and into Mexico Colorado four o'clock , desert four o'clock , maravilla , Mirabilis multiflora
wildflower of the genus Ratibida coneflower
common American weed or wildflower Conyza , genus Conyza
wildflower of the genus Corallorhiza growing from a hard mass of rhizomes associated with a fungus that aids in absorbing nutrients from the forest floor coral root
nearly leafless wildflower with erect reddish-purple stems bearing racemes of pale pinkish and brownish-striped flowers; western Canada to Mexico Corallorhiza striata , striped coral root
stout herb with flowers one to a stalk; ornamental developed from a Mexican wildflower Coreopsis maritima , sea dahlia
leafy wildflower having fragrant slender white or pale pink trumpet-shaped flowers; southwestern United States and northern Mexico maravilla , Mirabilis longiflora , sweet four o'clock
leafy wildflower with lavender-pink flowers that open in the evening and remain through cool part of the next day; found in open woods or brush in mountains of southern Colorado to Arizona and into Mexico Mirabilis oblongifolia , mountain four o'clock
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