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generosity evidenced by a willingness to give freely bounteousness , bounty
aggressive willingness to compete competitiveness , fight
religious zeal; the willingness to serve God cultism , devotion , idolatry , veneration
prompt willingness eagerness , forwardness , readiness , zeal
compassionate feelings that support a willingness to forgive forgiveness
cheerful willingness to be obliging good-humoredness , good-humouredness , good-naturedness , good-temperedness
love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it nationalism , patriotism
express willingness offer
willingness or readiness to receive (especially impressions or ideas) openness , receptiveness , receptivity
admission of your own ignorance and willingness to learn while exposing someone's inconsistencies by close questioning Socratic irony
willingness to put up with something tolerance
willingness to recognize and respect the beliefs or practices of others tolerance
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