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something given for victory or superiority in a contest or competition or for winning a lottery award , prize
German raconteur who told preposterous stories about his adventures as a soldier and hunter; his name is now associated with any telling of exaggerated stories or winning lies (1720-1797) Baron Munchausen , Karl Friedrich Hieronymus von Munchhausen , Munchausen , Munchhausen
form of whist in which players avoid winning tricks containing hearts or the queen of spades Black Maria , hearts
landlocked republic in central South America; Simon Bolivar founded Bolivia in 1825 after winning independence from Spain Bolivia , Republic of Bolivia
(tennis) a score consisting of winning a game when your opponent was serving break , break of serve
trophy made of bronze (or having the appearance of bronze) that is usually awarded for winning third place in a competition bronze medal
act of winning the love or sexual favor of someone conquest , seduction
pecuniary reimbursement to the winning party for the expenses of litigation costs
award for winning a championship or commemorating some other event decoration , laurel wreath , medal , medallion , palm , ribbon
tie in tennis or table tennis that requires winning two successive points to win the game deuce
tickets are passed out at the entrance to a dance or party or other social function and a prize is awarded to the holder of the winning ticket door prize
king of Prussia from 1740 to 1786; brought Prussia military prestige by winning the War of the Austrian Succession and the Seven Years' War (1712-1786) Frederick II , Frederick the Great
system of rules for placing bets that is believed to lead to winning gambling system
act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning (including the payment of a price for a chance to win a prize) gambling , gaming , play
award-winning United States film actor (1928-1999) George C. Scott , Scott
trophy made of gold (or having the appearance of gold) that is usually awarded for winning first place in a competition gold medal
winning all of the tricks in a hand of bridge grand slam
advantage given to a competitor to equalize chances of winning handicap
race in which compensations and advantages are given to even out chances of winning handicap
hero of American folk tales; portrayed as an enormously strong black man who worked on the railroads and died from exhaustion after winning a contest with a steam drill John Henry
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