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any of various acid dyes; used for dying wool scarlet red alizarin carmine , alizarin crimson , alizarin red
loss of hair (especially on the head) or loss of wool or feathers; in humans it can result from heredity or hormonal imbalance or certain diseases or drugs and treatments (chemotherapy for cancer) alopecia
thin glossy fabric made of the wool of the Lama pacos, or made of a rayon or cotton imitation of that wool alpaca
wool of llamalike mammal, silky alpaca
wool of the alpaca alpaca
stuffing made of rolls or sheets of cotton wool or synthetic fiber batten , batting
wool as stuffing batting , flock
slipper that is soft and wool (for babies) bootee , bootie
sheep of central Asia with curled glossy wool broadtail , karakul
long hooded cloak woven of wool in one piece; worn by Arabs and Moors burnoose , burnous , burnouse
any of various breeds of goat raised for milk or meat or wool Capra hircus , domestic goat
combed wool carded
wool of goat, fine downy cashmere
fine, soft wool of a the Cashmere goat cashmere
soft fabric made from the wool of the Cashmere goat cashmere
wool of the Kashmir goat cashmere
Himalayan goat having a silky undercoat highly prized as cashmere wool Cashmere goat , Kashmir goat
lightweight textile of wool, cotton, or synthetic yarns challis
hardy hornless sheep of the Cheviot Hills noted for its short thick wool Cheviot
thick twilled fabric of wool and cotton chinchilla
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