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educator who works at a college or university academic , academician , faculty member
Islamic extremist group active since the late 1970s; seeks to overthrow the Egyptian government and replace it with an Islamic state; works in small underground cells al-Jihad , Egyptian Islamic Jihad , Islamic Jihad , Vanguards of Conquest
United States painter born in Germany; works characterized by simple geometrical patterns in various colors (1888-1976) Albers , Josef Albers
French writer known for works concerning women's rights and independence (1804-1876) Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin , Baroness Dudevant , George Sand , Sand
United States author whose works were frequently autobiographical (1876-1941) Anderson , Sherwood Anderson
medicine used to treat allergies and hypersensitive reactions and colds; works by counteracting the effects of histamine on a receptor site antihistamine
one who determines authenticity (as of works of art) or who guarantees validity appraiser , authenticator
works for an expert to learn a trade apprentice , learner , prentice
Russian composer (born in Armenia) whose works are romantic and reflect his interest in folk music (1903-1978) Aram Ilich Khachaturian , Aram Khachaturian , Khachaturian
making of pleasing works art
collection of art works art collection
dealer in works of art requiring esthetic evaluation art dealer
room or series of rooms where works of art are exhibited art gallery , gallery , picture gallery
products of human creativity; works of art collectively art , fine art
United States composer (born in Austria) and pianist noted for his interpretations of the works of Mozart and Beethoven and Schubert (1882-1951) Artur Schnabel , Schnabel
filmmaker who has a personal style and keeps creative control over his or her works auteur
act of creating written works authorship , composition , penning , writing
United States dancer and choreographer (born in Russia) noted for his abstract and formal works (1904-1983) Balanchine , George Balanchine
someone who works in a beauty parlor beautician , cosmetician
study and creation of visual works of art beaux arts , fine arts
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