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transparent paperlike product that is impervious to moisture and used to wrap candy or cigarettes etc. cellophane
coarse loosely woven cotton gauze; originally used to wrap cheeses cheesecloth
thin plastic film made of saran (trade name Saran Wrap) that sticks to itself; used for wrapping food cling film , clingfilm , Saran Wrap
thin sheet of (usually plastic and usually transparent) material used to wrap or cover things film , plastic film
used to wrap around pipes or boilers or laid in attics to prevent loss of heat lagging
wrap tightly in material muffle , swaddle , swathe
sheet or blanket (either dry or wet) to wrap around the body for its therapeutic effect pack
wrestling hold in which you wrap your legs around the opponents body or head and put your feet together and squeeze scissor grip , scissor hold , scissors , scissors grip , scissors hold
shoulder wrap shawl , stole
plastic wrap that seals a product shrink-wrap
burial wrap for body shroud
fur wrap stole
baby tightly in clothes or strips of cloth, wrap swaddle
game with two players who use rackets to strike a ball that is tethered to the top of a pole; the object is to wrap the string around the pole tetherball
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