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(computer science) the operation of reading or writing stored information access , memory access
spontaneous in speech, writing ad-lib , extempore , impromptu , improvised , off-the-cuff
king of Wessex; defeated the Danes and encouraged writing in English (849-899) AElfred , Alfred , Alfred the Great
declaration in writing under oath affidavit
loss of the ability to write or to express thoughts in writing because of a brain lesion agraphia , anorthography , logagraphia
branch of computer science that deal with writing computer programs that can solve problems creatively AI , artificial intelligence
writing system based on alphabetic characters alphabetic script , alphabetic writing
nonsensical writing (usually verse) amphigory , nonsense verse
selected passages of writing analecta , analects
form of literary criticism in which the structure of a piece of writing is analyzed analysis
date earlier than date of writing antedate
check earlier than date of writing, to date a antedate
nonsensical talk or writing applesauce , codswallop , folderol , rubbish , trash , tripe , trumpery , wish-wash
alphabet of 28 characters derived from Aramaic and used for writing Arabic languages (and borrowed for writing Urdu) Arabic alphabet
writing system having an alphabet of 38 letters in which the Armenian language is written Armenian , Armenian alphabet
(architecture) a form of artistic expression (such as writing or painting or architecture) art form
piece of writing article
quality of being facile in speech and writing articulateness , fluency , volubility
aphasia in which expression by speech or writing is severely impaired ataxic aphasia , Broca's aphasia , expressive aphasia , motor aphasia , nonfluent aphasia
act of initiating a new idea or theory or writing authorship , paternity
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