1 [kyoob]
a solid bounded by six equal squares, the angle between any two adjacent faces being a right angle.
an object, either solid or hollow, having this form or a form approximating it: a cube of cheese; plastic storage cubes.
sugar cube.
Mathematics. the third power of a quantity, expressed as a 3 = a·a·a.
Informal. cubic inch, especially as a measure of the displacement of an automotive engine: a new sports car with 350 cubes.
Slang. one of a pair of dice; die.
Slang. a person who is unaware of or unfamiliar with current ideas, opinions, trends, etc.; square.
verb (used with object), cubed, cubing.
to make into a cube or cubes.
to cut into cubes.
Mathematics. to raise to the third power.
to measure the cubic contents of.
to tenderize (a thin cut or slice of meat) by scoring the fibers in a pattern of squares.

1350–1400; Middle English cubus < Latin < Greek kýbos cube, die

cuber, noun Unabridged


2 [kyoo-bey]
any of several tropical plants of the legume family that are used in making fish poisons and insecticides.
Also, cubé [kyoo-bey] .

1920–25; origin uncertain Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
cube1 (kjuːb)
1.  a solid having six plane square faces in which the angle between two adjacent sides is a right angle
2.  the product of three equal factors: the cube of 2 is 2 × 2 × 2 (usually written 2³)
3.  something in the form of a cube: a bath cube
4.  to raise (a number or quantity) to the third power
5.  (tr) to measure the cubic contents of
6.  (tr) to make, shape, or cut (something, esp food) into cubes
7.  (US), (Canadian) (tr) to tenderize (meat) by scoring into squares or by pounding with a device which has a surface of metal cubes
[C16: from Latin cubus die, cube, from Greek kubos]

cube2 (ˈkjuːbeɪ)
1.  any of various tropical American plants, esp any of the leguminous genus Lonchocarpus, the roots of which yield rotenone
2.  an extract from the roots of these plants: a fish poison and insecticide
[American Spanish cubé, of unknown origin]

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Word Origin & History

1550s, from L. cubus, from Gk. kybos "a cube, a die, vertebra," from PIE base *keu(b)- "to bend, turn." The verb is 1580s in the mathematical sense; 1947 with meaning "cut in cubes."
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American Heritage
Science Dictionary
cube   (kyb)  Pronunciation Key 
Verb   To multiply a number or a quantity by itself three times; raise to the third power. For example, five cubed is 5 × 5 × 5.

  1. The product that results when a number or quantity is cubed. For example, the cube of 5 is 125.

  2. A solid having six equal square faces or sides.

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Computing Dictionary

Cube definition

Three-dimensional visual language for higher-order logic.
"The Cube Language", M. Najork et al, 1991 IEEE Workshop on Visual Langs, Oct 1991, pp.218-224.
[Jargon File]

cube definition

1. [short for "cubicle"] A module in the open-plan offices used at many programming shops. "I've got the manuals in my cube."
2. A NeXT machine (which resembles a matte-black cube).

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Abbreviations & Acronyms
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Example sentences
There are theoretical arguments that the size of a legislature should
  proportional to the cube root of the number of voters.
Turbine power generation is proportional to the cube of wind speed.
Figure out the answers on every side of this crossword cube.
Cut and cube the mango for this salsa at home and then stash it in your cooler.
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