of or relating to the sea; existing in or produced by the sea: marine vegetation.
pertaining to navigation or shipping; nautical; naval; maritime.
serving on shipboard, as soldiers.
of or belonging to the marines.
adapted for use at sea: a marine barometer.
a member of the U.S. Marine Corps.
one of a class of naval troops serving both on shipboard and on land.
seagoing ships collectively, especially with reference to nationality or class; shipping in general.
a picture with a marine subject; seascape.
naval affairs, or the department of a government, as in France, having to do with such affairs.
dead marine, Australian Slang. an empty bottle of beer or spirits.
tell it / that to the marines!, I don't believe your story; I refuse to be fooled.

1325–75; Middle English maryne < Middle French marin (feminine marine) < Latin marīnus of the sea, derivative of mare sea; see -ine1

intermarine, adjective
nonmarine, adjective, noun
semimarine, adjective, noun
supermarine, adjective
unmarine, adjective Unabridged
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marine (məˈriːn)
1.  of, found in, or relating to the sea
2.  of or relating to shipping, navigation, etc
3.  of or relating to a body of seagoing troops: marine corps
4.  of or relating to a government department concerned with maritime affairs
5.  used or adapted for use at sea: a marine camera
6.  shipping and navigation in general: the merchant marine
7.  (capital when part of a name) a member of a marine corps or similar body
8.  a picture of a ship, seascape, etc
9.  informal tell it to the marines an expression of disbelief
[C15: from Old French marin, from Latin marīnus, from mare sea]

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Word Origin & History

early 15c., from M.Fr. marin (fem. marine), from O.Fr. marin, from L. marinus (fem. marina) "of the sea," from mare (gen. maris) "sea," from PIE *mori-/*mari- "body of water, lake." Cognate with O.E. mere "sea, lake, pool, pond," from P.Gmc. *mari. Noun meaning "soldier who serves on a ship" is from
1670s, from Fr. marine, from the O.Fr. adjective.
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marine  [%PREMIUM_LINK%]     (mə-rēn')  Pronunciation Key 
  1. Relating to the sea.

  2. Relating to a system of open-ocean and unprotected coastal habitats, characterized by exposure to wave action, tidal fluctuation, and ocean currents and by the absence of trees, shrubs, or emergent vegetation. Water in the marine system is at or near the full salinity of seawater. Compare lacustrine, palustrine, riverine.

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