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Keeping track of slang and colloquialisms can seem fruitless, but McGraw-Hill's Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions can practically do the work for you. Individual entries cover words from street culture and Internet expressions, as well as older terms. Browsing these colorful and varied terms is both useful and often surprising.
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with one's eyes open with one's feet with one's finger up one's ass with one's hand in the cookie jar with one's hand in the till with one's heart with one's left hand with one's pants down with one's tail be tween one's legs with one's tail be-tween one's legs with one's tail bet ween one's legs with one's tail bet-ween one's legs with one's tail between legs with one's tail between one's legs with ones boots on with ones eyes open with ones heart with ones tail between legs with ones tail between ones legs with open arms with our boots on with our eyes open with our heart with our tail between legs with our tail between our legs with outdoors with reason with reference to with regard to with relation to with respect to with something and a dime i can get a cup of coffee with stand with stood
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