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a film or layer of foul or extraneous matter that forms on the surface of a liquid.
refuse or offscourings.
a low, worthless, or evil person.
such persons collectively; riffraff; dregs.
scoria ( def 1 ).
verb (used with object), scummed, scumming.
to remove the scum from.
to remove as scum.
verb (used without object), scummed, scumming.
to form scum; become covered with scum.

1200–50; Middle English scume < Middle Dutch schūme (Dutch schuim) foam; cognate with German Schaum foam

scumless, adjective
scumlike, adjective
unscummed, adjective Unabridged
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scum (skʌm)
1.  a layer of impure matter that forms on the surface of a liquid, often as the result of boiling or fermentation
2.  the greenish film of algae and similar vegetation surface of a stagnant pond
3.  dross, Also called: scruff the skin of oxides or impurities on the surface of a molten metal
4.  waste matter
5.  a worthless person or group of people
vb , scums, scumming, scummed
6.  (tr) to remove scum from
7.  rare (intr) to form a layer of or become covered with scum
[C13: of Germanic origin; related to Old High German scūm, Middle Dutch schūm, Old French escume; see skim]

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Word Origin & History

1326 (implied in scummer "shallow ladle for removing scum"), from M.Du. schume "foam, froth," from P.Gmc. *skuma- (cf. O.N. skum, O.H.G. scum, Ger. Schaum "foam, froth"), perhaps from PIE base *(s)keu- "to cover, conceal" (see hide (n.1)). Sense deteriorated from "thin layer
atop liquid" to "film of dirt," then just "dirt." Meaning "lowest class of humanity" is 1586; scum of the Earth is from 1712. Adopted in Romanic, cf. O.Fr. escume, Mod.Fr. écume, Sp. escuma, It. schiuma. Adj. scummy first attested 1577; transf. sense of "filthy, disreputable" is recorded from 1932. Slang scumbag "condom" is from 1967; meaning "despicable person" is from 1971.
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