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Wednesday, July 21, 1999

Definitions for sobriquet

  1. A nickname; an assumed name; an epithet.

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Citations for sobriquet
In addition to his notorious amours, he became distinguished for a turbulent naval career, particularly for the storms he weathered, thus bringing him the sobriquet "Foulweather Jack". Phyllis Grosskurth, Byron: The Flawed Angel
At a small reception on the occasion of my twenty-fifth anniversary in this position, my good friend Izzy Landes raised a glass and dubbed me the Curator of the Curators, a sobriquet I have worn with pride ever since. Alfred Alcorn, Murder in the Museum of Man
Origin of sobriquet
Sobriquet is from the French, from Old French soubriquet, "a chuck under the chin, hence, an affront, a nickname."