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Wednesday, August 04, 1999

Definitions for insouciant

  1. Marked by lighthearted unconcern or indifference; carefree; nonchalant.

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Citations for insouciant
The insouciant gingerbread man skips through the pages with glee, until he meets his . . . demise at the end. Judith Constantinides, School Library Journal
They don't seem to care whether they become stars or not, and their irony . . . has a scoffing, insouciant feel. Thomas Frank, Harper's Magazine
Origin of insouciant
Insouciant is from the French, from in-, "not" + souciant, "caring," present participle of soucier, "to trouble," from Latin sollicitare, "to disturb," from sollicitus, "anxious." The noun form is insouciance.