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Thursday, December 02, 1999

Definitions for panoply

  1. A splendid or impressive array.
  2. Ceremonial attire.
  3. A full suit of armor; a complete defense or covering.

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Citations for panoply
Every step taken to that end which appeases the obsolete hatreds and vanished oppressions, which makes easier the traffic and reciprocal services of Europe, which encourages nations to lay aside their precautionary panoply, is good in itself. Winston Churchill, quoted in This Blessed Plot, by Hugo Young
The beige plastic bedpan that had come home from the hospital with him after his deviated-septum operation . . . now held ail his razors and combs and the panoply of gleaming instruments he employed to trim the hair that grew from the various features of his face. Michael Chabon, Werewolves in Their Youth
Origin of panoply
Panoply is from Greek panoplia, "a full suit of armor," from pan, "all" + hoplia, "arms, armor," plural of hoplon, "implement, weapon."