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Saturday, August 30, 2003

Definitions for gainsay

  1. To deny or dispute; to declare false or invalid.
  2. To oppose; to contradict.

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Citations for gainsay
In our present, imperfectly postmodern world, where most information still takes the potentially embarrassing form of printed matter lurking in archives, liars still must position themselves so that the historical record may not easily gainsay them. Thomas M. Disch, The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of
But, owing to government's cynical policy of inaction, suppression and hoping the problem would go away, there was nothing to gainsay it either. Mary Riddell, New Statesman
Origin of gainsay
Gainsay comes from Middle English geinseien, from gein-, "against" (from Old English gegn-, gean-) + sayen, "to say," from Old English secgan.