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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Definitions for enervate

  1. To deprive of vigor, force, or strength; to render feeble; to weaken.
  2. To reduce the moral or mental vigor of.

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Citations for enervate
Beatriz de Ahumada soldiered on to produce nine more children, a tour of duty that left her enervated and worn. Cathleen Medwick, Teresa of Avila: The Progress of a Soul
In countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria and Ghana I have always felt enervated by the slightest physical or mental exertion, whereas in the UK, France, Germany or the US I have always felt reinforced and stimulated by the temperate climate, not only during long stays, but even during brief travels. David S. Landes, The Wealth and Poverty of Nations
Origin of enervate
Enervate is from the past participle of Latin enervare, "to remove the sinews from, to weaken," from e-, ex-, "out of, from" + nervus, "sinew."
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