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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Definitions for vicissitude

  1. Regular change or succession from one thing to another; alternation; mutual succession; interchange.
  2. Irregular change; revolution; mutation.
  3. A change in condition or fortune; an instance of mutability in life or nature (especially successive alternation from one condition to another).

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Citations for vicissitude
This man had, after many vicissitudes of fortune, sunk at last into abject and hopeless poverty. Thomas Macaulay,
Max had rescued his father's gold watch through every vicissitude, but as it didn't go I took it to a watchmaker. Edith Anderson, Love in Exile: An American Writer's Memoir of Life in Divided Berlin
Origin of vicissitude
Vicissitude comes from Latin vicissitudo, from vicissim, in turn, probably from vices, changes.