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Friday, November 16, 2007

Definitions for aggrandize

  1. To make great or greater; to enlarge; to increase.
  2. To make great or greater in power, rank, reputation, or wealth; -- applied to persons, countries, etc.
  3. To make appear great or greater; to exalt.

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Citations for aggrandize
All over the country, trial lawyers and activist judges are locked into an embrace cemented by their mutual contempt for democratic self-government and their desire to aggrandize their own power at its expense. Rich Lowry, National Review
It looks to me instead that one rising power center . . . is seeking to aggrandize itself by discrediting the principal alternative. David Frum, National Review
Origin of aggrandize
Aggrandize comes from French agrandir, from Old French, from a-, "to" (from Latin ad-) + grandir, "to grow larger," from Latin grandire, from grandis, "large."