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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Definitions for rodomontade

  1. Vain boasting; empty bluster; pretentious, bragging speech; rant.

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Citations for rodomontade
These are rejoinders born out of a need to deflate a balloon filled with what others view as pomposity or rodomontade. Corey Mesler, ForeWord
The very absurdity of some of his later claims (inventors of jazz, originators of swing) . . . has made him an easy target in a way far beyond anything generated by that other (and in some ways quite similar) master of rodomontade, Jelly Roll Morton. Richard M. Sudhalter, Lost Chords
Origin of rodomontade
Rodomontade comes from Italian rodomontada, from Rodomonte, a great yet boastful warrior king in Italian epics of the late 15th - early 16th centuries. At root the name means "roller-away of mountains," from the Italian dialect rodare, "to roll away" (from Latin rota, "wheel") + Italian monte, "mountain" (from Latin mons).