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Friday, April 18, 2008

Definitions for inveigle

  1. To persuade by ingenuity or flattery; to entice.
  2. To obtain by ingenuity or flattery.

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Citations for inveigle
Deep Blue had tried to inveigle Kasparov into grabbing several pawn offers, but the champion was not fooled. Robert Byrne, New York Times
He used to tell one about Kevin Moran ringing him up pretending to be a French radio journalist and inveigling Cas, new in France, into parlaying his three words of French into an interview. Tom Humphries, Irish Times
Origin of inveigle
Inveigle comes from Anglo-French enveogler, from Old French aveugler, "to blind, to lead astray as if blind," from aveugle, "blind," from Medieval Latin ab oculis, "without eyes."