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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Definitions for swain

  1. A male admirer or lover.
  2. A country lad.
  3. A country gallant.

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Citations for swain
Ms. Henley knows too how life-changing revelations arrive in grotesque little packages, as when Lenny admits over the phone her traumatizing inability to have babies and forthwith counters her swain's answer with a slight shock and vast elation: "They're not all little snot- nosed pigs! John Simon, ""Living Beings, Cardboard Symbols", New York Magazine
A nymph and a swain to Apollo once prayed/ The swain had been jilted, the nymph been betrayed/ They came for to try if his oracle knew/ E're a nymph that was chaste, or a swain that was true. Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's almanack : being the choicest morsels of wisdom written during the years of the Almanack's publication
Origin of swain
Swain evolves from swein, Old English for "servant".
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