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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Definitions for aeromancy

  1. The prediction of future events from observation of weather conditions.

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Citations for aeromancy
The wreckage of vast sundowns predicts in sulphurous aeromancy havoc to be. Robert Malise and Bowyer Nichols, Fantastica: being The smile of the Sphinx, and other tales of imagination
Scrutinize the clouds for sun-dogs, gaze into the eyes of a baby or a feline, and practice the ancient divination arts of augury and aeromancy by recognizing intuitive messages received when watching birds or airplanes fly across the sky. Margie Lapanja and Andrew F. Smith, Romancing the Stove: Celebrated Recipes and Delicious Fun for Every Kitchen
Origin of aeromancy
Aeromancy is but one sort of divination practiced in medieval times. Some other examples: augury, based on the flight of birds; cheiromancy, palm-reading; and oneiromancy, the interpretation of dreams.
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