Word of the Day Archive
June 1999

  1. propitious: presenting favorable circumstances.
  2. inclement: harsh; severe -- especially said of the weather.
  3. kobold: a kind of domestic spirit in German mythology.
  4. knell: the stoke of a bell tolled at a funeral.
  5. cogent: appealing to the mind or to reason; convincing.
  6. regale: to entertain with something that delights.
  7. mordant: biting; caustic; sarcastic.
  8. agog: in eager desire.
  9. captious: disposed to find fault or raise objections.
  10. arbitrage: the nearly simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset in order to profit from price discrepancies.
  11. redoubt: a stronghold.
  12. chichi: affectedly trendy.
  13. taw: a large marble.
  14. vexillology: the study of flags.
  15. quorum: such a number of the officers or members of any body as is legally competent to transact business.
  16. abscond: to depart secretly.
  17. virtu: love of or taste for fine objects of art; also, productions of art.
  18. junta: a governmental council or committee, esp. one that rules after a revolution.
  19. gamut: a complete extent or range.
  20. lexicon: a dictionary; also, the vocabulary of a person, group, etc.
  21. aestival: of or belonging to the summer.
  22. slugabed: one who stays in bed until a late hour.
  23. desultory: jumping from subject to subject; erratic; inconsistent.
  24. irascible: easily provoked to anger.
  25. acumen: quickness or keenness of perception or discernment.
  26. scion: a descendant; an heir.
  27. bandog: a large and fierce dog.
  28. multifarious: having great diversity or variety.
  29. sublunary: situated beneath the moon; terrestrial.
  30. ebullient: high-spirited.


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