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Sunday, November 21, 1999


\BLAN-dish-muhnt\ , noun;
Speech or action that flatters and tends to coax, entice, or persuade; allurement -- often used in the plural.
But she had not risen at all to the law fellow's blandishments, his attempts to interest her in his ideas and persuade her to set forth her own.
-- John Bayley, Elegy for Iris
And that my English-speaking victims find my blandishments so pretty, accented as they are, and yield to my soft lustrous Italian pronunciations, is a constant source of bliss for me.
-- Anne Rice, Vittorio, the Vampire
Perfect, gentle reader: I will not begin this book with a tribute to your discernment, because a person of your obvious accomplishments would certainly be immune to such blandishments.
-- Richard Stengel, You're Too Kind: A Brief History of Flattery
Blandishment ultimately comes from Latin blandiri, "to flatter, caress, coax," from blandus, "flattering, mild."
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