Word of the Day Archive
December 1999

  1. jocund: light-hearted; mirthful.
  2. panoply: a splendid or impressive array.
  3. miscreant: a scoundrel, a villain; also, a heretic.
  4. fugacious: lasting but a short time.
  5. respite: an interval of rest or relief.
  6. somnolent: drowsy; also, tending to cause sleepiness.
  7. cavil: to raise trivial objections; also, a trivial objection.
  8. daedal: skillful; artistic; ingenious.
  9. sang-froid: coolness in trying circumstances.
  10. clinquant: glittering; tinsel-like; also, tinsel.
  11. assiduous: constant in application or attention.
  12. intractable: not easily governed, managed, or directed.
  13. detritus: debris.
  14. eschew: to shun; to avoid.
  15. apogee: the highest point.
  16. cant: to talk hypocritically.
  17. imbroglio: a complicated and embarrassing state of things.
  18. levity: frivolity.
  19. choler: anger.
  20. inure: to make used to; also, to take or have effect.
  21. bonhomie: a pleasant and easy manner.
  22. land of Nod: sleep.
  23. ineffable: incapable of being expressed.
  24. vociferous: clamorous; noisy.
  25. beneficence: the practice of doing good.
  26. plenary: full; complete.
  27. lassitude: lack of vitality or energy.
  28. chary: wary; cautious.
  29. descry: to catch sight of; to detect.
  30. cynosure: a center of attention.
  31. fin de siecle: characteristic of the close of the century; sophisticated; world-weary.


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