Word of the Day Archive

  1. segue: to proceed without interruption. (Saturday January 01)
  2. palimpsest: an object or place whose older layers or aspects are apparent. (Sunday January 02)
  3. bete noire: something or someone particularly detested or avoided. (Monday January 03)
  4. farrago: an assortment; a medley. (Tuesday January 04)
  5. expatiate: to speak or write at length. (Wednesday January 05)
  6. nadir: the lowest point. (Thursday January 06)
  7. protean: readily assuming different shapes or forms. (Friday January 07)
  8. fulsome: offensive from excess of praise. (Saturday January 08)
  9. constitutional: a walk taken for one's health. (Sunday January 09)
  10. quondam: former; sometime. (Monday January 10)
  11. sinecure: an office or position that involves little work or responsibility. (Tuesday January 11)
  12. vainglory: excessive pride or vain display. (Wednesday January 12)
  13. canard: an unfounded or false report. (Thursday January 13)
  14. gainsay: to contradict; to deny. (Friday January 14)
  15. portend: to foreshadow; to bode. (Saturday January 15)
  16. ratiocination: the process of logical reasoning. (Sunday January 16)
  17. equivocate: to be deliberately ambiguous or unclear. (Monday January 17)
  18. frisson: a sudden, passing sensation of excitement. (Tuesday January 18)
  19. tchotchke: a trinket; a knickknack. (Wednesday January 19)
  20. inveigh: to rail (against some person or thing). (Thursday January 20)
  21. propound: to put forward for consideration. (Friday January 21)
  22. acrid: sharp and harsh; bitter. (Saturday January 22)
  23. lachrymose: given to causing tears. (Sunday January 23)
  24. fop: a man who is vain about his dress and appearance. (Monday January 24)
  25. defenestrate: to throw out of a window. (Tuesday January 25)
  26. brio: vigor; vivacity. (Wednesday January 26)
  27. supercilious: disdainfully arrogant. (Thursday January 27)
  28. gesticulate: to make gestures or motions. (Friday January 28)
  29. probity: complete and confirmed integrity. (Saturday January 29)
  30. inveterate: deep-rooted; of long standing. (Sunday January 30)
  31. Hobson's choice: a choice without an alternative. (Monday January 31)
  32. rebarbative: repellent; irritating. (Tuesday February 01)
  33. afflatus: a divine inspiration. (Wednesday February 02)
  34. comport: to bear or conduct (oneself); behave. (Thursday February 03)
  35. sunder: to break apart. (Friday February 04)
  36. espy: to see at a glance. (Saturday February 05)
  37. compunction: anxiety or unease from guilt; also, a scruple. (Sunday February 06)
  38. venial: capable of being forgiven; excusable. (Monday February 07)
  39. gimcrack: a showy but useless or worthless object. (Tuesday February 08)
  40. truculent: fierce; savage; ferocious. (Wednesday February 09)
  41. unctuous: marked by a false or smug earnestness or agreeableness. (Thursday February 10)
  42. celerity: quickness; swiftness. (Friday February 11)
  43. vehement: marked by intensity of emotions or convictions. (Saturday February 12)
  44. putative: commonly thought or deemed; supposed. (Sunday February 13)
  45. wheedle: to entice by flattery. (Monday February 14)
  46. stolid: unexcitable; unemotional. (Tuesday February 15)
  47. lugubrious: mournful; gloomy; dismal. (Wednesday February 16)
  48. abjure: to renounce, reject, or shun. (Thursday February 17)
  49. vicissitude: a change in condition or fortune. (Friday February 18)
  50. redress: to set right. (Saturday February 19)
  51. ubiquitous: being everywhere. (Sunday February 20)
  52. propinquity: nearness. (Monday February 21)
  53. venal: capable of being bought; also, corruptible. (Tuesday February 22)
  54. obviate: to anticipate and dispose of or make unnecessary. (Wednesday February 23)
  55. mellifluous: flowing sweetly or smoothly. (Thursday February 24)
  56. prestidigitation: performance of or skill in performing magic or conjuring tricks with the hands; sleight of hand. (Friday February 25)
  57. gastronome: a lover of good food and drink. (Saturday February 26)
  58. exculpate: to clear from alleged fault or guilt. (Sunday February 27)
  59. diaphanous: allowing light to pass through. (Monday February 28)
  60. supernumerary: exceeding a necessary or usual number. (Tuesday February 29)
  61. indomitable: incapable of being subdued or overcome. (Wednesday March 01)
  62. argot: a specialized vocabulary peculiar to a particular group. (Thursday March 02)
  63. impugn: to call in question; to make insinuations against. (Friday March 03)
  64. lascivious: lewd; lustful. (Saturday March 04)
  65. parsimony: excessive sparingness in the expenditure of money. (Sunday March 05)
  66. atrabilious: irritable; ill-natured. (Monday March 06)
  67. peccadillo: a slight offense; a petty fault. (Tuesday March 07)
  68. logorrhea: excessive talkativeness. (Wednesday March 08)
  69. travail: painful, arduous work; also, agony, anguish. (Thursday March 09)
  70. acquiesce: to accept or consent passively or without objection. (Friday March 10)
  71. elucidate: to make clear or manifest. (Saturday March 11)
  72. recalcitrant: stubbornly resistant to and defiant of authority or restraint. (Sunday March 12)
  73. abstemious: temperate; abstinent; refraining from indulgence. (Monday March 13)
  74. gravitas: high seriousness. (Tuesday March 14)
  75. Ides: the fifteenth day of March, May, July, and October, and the thirteenth day of the other months. (Wednesday March 15)
  76. mendacious: untruthful; also, untrue. (Thursday March 16)
  77. verdure: greenness. (Friday March 17)
  78. emblazon: to display pompously; to decorate. (Saturday March 18)
  79. collude: to act in concert; to conspire. (Sunday March 19)
  80. risible: exciting or provoking laughter. (Monday March 20)
  81. surcease: cessation; stop; end. (Tuesday March 21)
  82. adumbrate: to foreshadow; prefigure. (Wednesday March 22)
  83. Elysium: paradise. (Thursday March 23)
  84. demagogue: a leader who obtains power by means of appeals to the emotions and prejudices of the populace. (Friday March 24)
  85. augury: an omen; prediction. (Saturday March 25)
  86. fulminate: to issue or utter verbal attacks or censures. (Sunday March 26)
  87. sycophant: one who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people. (Monday March 27)
  88. vitiate: to make faulty or imperfect. (Tuesday March 28)
  89. factious: addicted to form parties and raise dissensions. (Wednesday March 29)
  90. quiescent: at rest; still; inactive. (Thursday March 30)
  91. purblind: having greatly reduced vision. (Friday March 31)
  92. coxcomb: a conceited, foolish dandy. (Saturday April 01)
  93. chicanery: the use of trickery to deceive. (Sunday April 02)
  94. habitue: one who habitually frequents a place. (Monday April 03)
  95. pellucid: transparent, shining through; also, easily understandable. (Tuesday April 04)
  96. buss: a kiss; to kiss. (Wednesday April 05)
  97. factitious: artificial; not authentic or genuine. (Thursday April 06)
  98. profligate: shamelessly immoral; also, recklessly wasteful. (Friday April 07)
  99. bedaub: to besmear; also, to overdecorate. (Saturday April 08)
  100. bifurcate: to divide into two branches. (Sunday April 09)
  101. contumacious: obstinate; stubbornly disobedient. (Monday April 10)
  102. firmament: the sky; the heavens. (Tuesday April 11)
  103. arcane: understood or known by only a few. (Wednesday April 12)
  104. perfunctory: done routinely. (Thursday April 13)
  105. temerity: unreasonable or foolhardy contempt of danger. (Friday April 14)
  106. superannuated: old; discharged or disqualified on account of old age. (Saturday April 15)
  107. egregious: outrageously bad. (Sunday April 16)
  108. tutelary: guardian; protecting. (Monday April 17)
  109. condign: deserved; adequate. (Tuesday April 18)
  110. lambent: brilliantly playful. (Wednesday April 19)
  111. confabulation: familiar talk. (Thursday April 20)
  112. expiate: to make amends for; to atone for. (Friday April 21)
  113. somniferous: causing or inducing sleep. (Saturday April 22)
  114. aubade: a song greeting the dawn. (Sunday April 23)
  115. cogitate: to think; to ponder. (Monday April 24)
  116. persiflage: frivolous or bantering talk. (Tuesday April 25)
  117. obfuscate: to make obscure or unclear; also, to darken. (Wednesday April 26)
  118. calumny: malicious misrepresentation; slander. (Thursday April 27)
  119. ablution: the washing of the body or some part of it. (Friday April 28)
  120. undulate: to move in waves. (Saturday April 29)
  121. cosset: to treat with excessive indulgence; to pamper. (Sunday April 30)
  122. subterfuge: a deceptive device or stratagem. (Monday May 01)
  123. kismet: destiny; fate. (Tuesday May 02)
  124. turpitude: baseness; depravity. (Wednesday May 03)
  125. ephemeral: lasting a very short time. (Thursday May 04)
  126. inveigle: to persuade or obtain by ingenuity or flattery. (Friday May 05)
  127. portentous: foreboding; ominous. (Saturday May 06)
  128. facetious: playfully jocular; humorous. (Sunday May 07)
  129. deign: to condescend. (Monday May 08)
  130. restive: resisting control; stubborn. (Tuesday May 09)
  131. schadenfreude: a malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of others. (Wednesday May 10)
  132. pari passu: without partiality; equably; fairly. (Thursday May 11)
  133. mawkish: sickly or excessively sentimental. (Friday May 12)
  134. panache: dash or flamboyance in manner or style. (Saturday May 13)
  135. adventitious: added extrinsically; not essentially inherent. (Sunday May 14)
  136. kvetch: to complain habitually. (Monday May 15)
  137. pejorative: disparaging; belittling. (Tuesday May 16)
  138. cognoscente: a person with special knowledge. (Wednesday May 17)
  139. alacrity: a cheerful readiness, willingness, or promptness. (Thursday May 18)
  140. bravura: a showy display. (Friday May 19)
  141. vivify: to endue with life; to enliven. (Saturday May 20)
  142. sonorous: yielding sound; impressive in sound. (Sunday May 21)
  143. anathema: a curse; a person or thing cursed, or intensely disliked. (Monday May 22)
  144. laconic: using or marked by the use of a minimum of words. (Tuesday May 23)
  145. deleterious: harmful. (Wednesday May 24)
  146. platitude: a banal, trite, or stale thought or remark. (Thursday May 25)
  147. quash: to annul; also, to crush; to subdue. (Friday May 26)
  148. meretricious: tawdry. (Saturday May 27)
  149. bumptious: crudely, presumptuously, or noisily self-assertive. (Sunday May 28)
  150. laudable: praiseworthy; commendable. (Monday May 29)
  151. inamorata: a woman whom one is in love with. (Tuesday May 30)
  152. penchant: a strong liking. (Wednesday May 31)
  153. disconcert: to disturb the composure of. (Thursday June 01)
  154. physiognomy: the face or appearance. (Friday June 02)
  155. masticate: to chew. (Saturday June 03)
  156. sempiternal: everlasting; eternal. (Sunday June 04)
  157. harangue: a speech addressed to a public assembly; also, a noisy or pompous speech. (Monday June 05)
  158. supernal: being on high; celestial. (Tuesday June 06)
  159. rubicund: inclining to redness; ruddy. (Wednesday June 07)
  160. moribund: dying. (Thursday June 08)
  161. apothegm: a short, witty, and instructive saying. (Friday June 09)
  162. wastrel: a person who wastes; a loafer. (Saturday June 10)
  163. malodorous: having a bad odor. (Sunday June 11)
  164. plangent: beating with a loud or deep sound; also, expressing sadness. (Monday June 12)
  165. immure: to imprison. (Tuesday June 13)
  166. rara avis: a rare or unique person or thing. (Wednesday June 14)
  167. scapegrace: one who is wild and reckless. (Thursday June 15)
  168. ruminate: to chew the cud; also, to ponder; to reflect. (Friday June 16)
  169. hirsute: covered with hair or bristles. (Saturday June 17)
  170. admonition: gentle or friendly reproof; friendly warning. (Sunday June 18)
  171. abrogate: to annul; to do away with. (Monday June 19)
  172. importunate: troublesomely urgent. (Tuesday June 20)
  173. kitsch: art in pretentious bad taste. (Wednesday June 21)
  174. monomania: obsession with a single subject. (Thursday June 22)
  175. ribald: characterized by, or given to, vulgar humor. (Friday June 23)
  176. febrile: feverish. (Saturday June 24)
  177. rapacious: grasping; greedy. (Sunday June 25)
  178. extirpate: to eradicate; to destroy. (Monday June 26)
  179. uxorious: excessively fond of or submissive to a wife. (Tuesday June 27)
  180. anodyne: serving to relieve pain. (Wednesday June 28)
  181. bootless: unavailing; useless. (Thursday June 29)
  182. flummox: to confuse; to perplex. (Friday June 30)
  183. concomitant: accompanying; attending. (Saturday July 01)
  184. busker: a street musician or performer. (Sunday July 02)
  185. turgid: swollen, bloated; also, bombastic, pompous. (Monday July 03)
  186. denizen: an inhabitant. (Tuesday July 04)
  187. peregrination: a traveling from place to place. (Wednesday July 05)
  188. tocsin: a warning. (Thursday July 06)
  189. palliate: to make an offense seem less serious; also, to relieve or lessen without curing. (Friday July 07)
  190. improvident: lacking foresight; negligent; thoughtless. (Saturday July 08)
  191. inimical: unfriendly; unfavorable. (Sunday July 09)
  192. halcyon: peaceful; undisturbed; happy. (Monday July 10)
  193. coeval: existing during the same period of time; also, a contemporary. (Tuesday July 11)
  194. obtrude: to thrust out; also, to impose on others. (Wednesday July 12)
  195. cozen: to deceive or obtain by deceit. (Thursday July 13)
  196. perfervid: ardent; impassioned. (Friday July 14)
  197. recrudescent: breaking out again. (Saturday July 15)
  198. deride: to laugh at with contempt. (Sunday July 16)
  199. billingsgate: foul, abusive language. (Monday July 17)
  200. factotum: a person employed to do all kinds of work. (Tuesday July 18)
  201. jejune: lacking in nutritional value; also, immature; also, dull. (Wednesday July 19)
  202. evince: to show in a clear manner. (Thursday July 20)
  203. cacophony: harsh or discordant sound. (Friday July 21)
  204. perfidy: faithlessness; treachery. (Saturday July 22)
  205. onus: burden; also, blame; stigma. (Sunday July 23)
  206. tergiversation: evasion; also, desertion of a cause, party, etc. (Monday July 24)
  207. opprobrium: reproach mingled with contempt. (Tuesday July 25)
  208. hoary: tedious from familiarity; stale. (Wednesday July 26)
  209. tractable: docile; manageable, governable. (Thursday July 27)
  210. recumbent: reclining; lying down. (Friday July 28)
  211. prevaricate: to depart from or evade the truth. (Saturday July 29)
  212. libation: the act of pouring a liquid as a sacrifice; also, a beverage. (Sunday July 30)
  213. quandary: a state of difficulty or perplexity. (Monday July 31)
  214. obsequious: servilely attentive; fawning. (Tuesday August 01)
  215. simulacrum: a representation; an insubstantial or vague semblance. (Wednesday August 02)
  216. miasma: a thick vaporous atmosphere, often noxious. (Thursday August 03)
  217. ululate: to howl; to wail. (Friday August 04)
  218. toothsome: pleasing to the taste; palatable. (Saturday August 05)
  219. asperity: roughness of surface, sound, or manner. (Sunday August 06)
  220. impervious: impenetrable; also, not capable of being affected. (Monday August 07)
  221. auspicious: favorable; also, prosperous; fortunate. (Tuesday August 08)
  222. puissant: powerful. (Wednesday August 09)
  223. otiose: ineffective; also, being at leisure; also, of no use. (Thursday August 10)
  224. lucubration: laborious work, study, thought, etc., esp. at night. (Friday August 11)
  225. quaff: to drink heartily. (Saturday August 12)
  226. perdurable: very durable; long lasting. (Sunday August 13)
  227. crapulous: given to or characterized by excess in drinking or eating. (Monday August 14)
  228. equanimity: mental or emotional stability or composure; calmness. (Tuesday August 15)
  229. megalomania: a mental disorder characterized by delusions of grandeur. (Wednesday August 16)
  230. verbose: wordy. (Thursday August 17)
  231. gauche: lacking social polish; tactless. (Friday August 18)
  232. euphonious: pleasing or sweet in sound. (Saturday August 19)
  233. fustian: pompous or pretentious language. (Sunday August 20)
  234. contradistinction: distinction by contrast. (Monday August 21)
  235. disparate: fundamentally different; also, composed of dissimilar elements. (Tuesday August 22)
  236. palaver: idle talk; also, to talk idly. (Wednesday August 23)
  237. malleable: capable of being shaped; also, adaptable. (Thursday August 24)
  238. termagant: a scolding, nagging, bad-tempered woman. (Friday August 25)
  239. consanguineous: related by blood; descended from the same ancestor. (Saturday August 26)
  240. verisimilitude: the appearance or semblance of truth; likelihood; probability. (Sunday August 27)
  241. tendentious: marked by a strong tendency in favor of a particular point of view. (Monday August 28)
  242. avoirdupois: weight; heaviness. (Tuesday August 29)
  243. dudgeon: a state or fit of intense indignation. (Wednesday August 30)
  244. rusticate: to go to the country. (Thursday August 31)
  245. ascetic: one who practices extreme self-denial; also, austere, severe. (Friday September 01)
  246. excoriate: to express strong disapproval of; also, to flay. (Saturday September 02)
  247. dilettante: an amateur; also, an admirer or lover of the fine arts. (Sunday September 03)
  248. truckle: to act in a subservient manner. (Monday September 04)
  249. nugatory: insignificant; also, ineffectual. (Tuesday September 05)
  250. moiety: a half; a small part. (Wednesday September 06)
  251. variegated: having marks or patches of different colors; also, varied. (Thursday September 07)
  252. convivial: relating to feasting, drinking, and good company; festive. (Friday September 08)
  253. posit: to postulate; also, to suggest. (Saturday September 09)
  254. expunge: to strike out or erase; to obliterate. (Sunday September 10)
  255. largess: generous giving; also, gifts of money or other valuables. (Monday September 11)
  256. woebegone: woeful; also, run-down. (Tuesday September 12)
  257. milieu: environment; setting. (Wednesday September 13)
  258. accede: to agree or assent; also, to become a party. (Thursday September 14)
  259. salient: noticeable; also, projecting; also, leaping. (Friday September 15)
  260. wunderkind: one who achieves success or acclaim during youth. (Saturday September 16)
  261. obeisance: an expression of deference. (Sunday September 17)
  262. felicitous: apt or appropriate; also, delightful. (Monday September 18)
  263. grandee: a man of elevated rank or station; a nobleman. (Tuesday September 19)
  264. disconsolate: hopelessly sad; also, saddening; cheerless. (Wednesday September 20)
  265. malinger: to pretend illness, especially in order to shirk one's duty, avoid work, etc. (Thursday September 21)
  266. credulous: inclined to believe too readily. (Friday September 22)
  267. tryst: an appointment (as between lovers) to meet. (Saturday September 23)
  268. paragon: a model of excellence or perfection. (Sunday September 24)
  269. inscrutable: difficult to fathom or understand. (Monday September 25)
  270. soporific: causing sleep; also, something that causes sleep. (Tuesday September 26)
  271. congeries: a collection; an aggregation. (Wednesday September 27)
  272. didactic: conveying instruction; teaching some moral lesson. (Thursday September 28)
  273. officious: meddlesome. (Friday September 29)
  274. flippant: showing inappropriate levity; pert. (Saturday September 30)
  275. castigate: to punish or criticize severely. (Sunday October 01)
  276. aver: to assert as true. (Monday October 02)
  277. callow: immature. (Tuesday October 03)
  278. lucre: money; profit. (Wednesday October 04)
  279. epigone: an inferior imitator. (Thursday October 05)
  280. imbue: to dye; to instill profoundly. (Friday October 06)
  281. concupiscence: lust. (Saturday October 07)
  282. irrefragable: impossible to refute. (Sunday October 08)
  283. rictus: a gaping grin or grimace. (Monday October 09)
  284. nostrum: a questionable remedy. (Tuesday October 10)
  285. scintilla: a tiny amount; a spark. (Wednesday October 11)
  286. ergo: therefore; consequently. (Thursday October 12)
  287. animus: a feeling of ill will; also, animating spirit; disposition. (Friday October 13)
  288. ignoramus: an ignorant person; a dunce. (Saturday October 14)
  289. interregnum: the interval between two reigns; also, any breach of continuity in an order. (Sunday October 15)
  290. lexicography: the writing or compiling of dictionaries. (Monday October 16)
  291. circumambient: surrounding; encompassing. (Tuesday October 17)
  292. purdah: social seclusion. (Wednesday October 18)
  293. proscribe: to forbid; to prohibit. (Thursday October 19)
  294. coquetry: flirtation. (Friday October 20)
  295. cadre: a core or nucleus of trained or otherwise qualified personnel around which an organization is formed. (Saturday October 21)
  296. titivate: to make decorative additions to; to spruce. (Sunday October 22)
  297. bromide: a commonplace or conventional saying. (Monday October 23)
  298. orotund: full in sound; also, bombastic. (Tuesday October 24)
  299. pertinacious: holding obstinately to a belief, purpose or design; also, stubbornly persistent. (Wednesday October 25)
  300. Promethean: of or pertaining to Prometheus; also, boldly original. (Thursday October 26)
  301. extraneous: coming from the outside; also, not essential; also, irrelevant. (Friday October 27)
  302. amity: friendship; friendly relations. (Saturday October 28)
  303. pettifogger: a petty, unscrupulous lawyer; also, who quibbles over trivia. (Sunday October 29)
  304. mountebank: a quack; also, a charlatan. (Monday October 30)
  305. apparition: a ghost; also, an unexpected appearance. (Tuesday October 31)
  306. perquisite: a benefit in addition to a salary. (Wednesday November 01)
  307. exigency: state of requiring immediate action; also, that which is required in a particular situation. (Thursday November 02)
  308. succinct: brief; concise. (Friday November 03)
  309. ineffectual: without effect; weak; useless. (Saturday November 04)
  310. sapient: wise; sage; discerning. (Sunday November 05)
  311. pugilist: a boxer. (Monday November 06)
  312. deus ex machina: an agent who appears unexpectedly to solve an apparently insoluble difficulty. (Tuesday November 07)
  313. circumspect: cautious; prudent. (Wednesday November 08)
  314. tutelage: guardianship; protection; also, instruction. (Thursday November 09)
  315. visage: the face; also, appearance; aspect. (Friday November 10)
  316. introspection: the act or process of self-examination; reflection. (Saturday November 11)
  317. missive: a written message; a letter. (Sunday November 12)
  318. expropriate: to deprive of possession; also, to transfer (property) to oneself. (Monday November 13)
  319. malcontent: one who is discontented or dissatisfied. (Tuesday November 14)
  320. ukase: an edict. (Wednesday November 15)
  321. derogate: to deviate from expectation; also, to detract; also, to disparage. (Thursday November 16)
  322. raillery: good-humored banter or teasing repartee. (Friday November 17)
  323. neologism: a new word or expression; the use or creation of new words or expressions. (Saturday November 18)
  324. malaise: a condition of uneasiness or ill-being. (Sunday November 19)
  325. raffish: gaudily vulgar or cheap; also, characterized by a carefree or fun-loving unconventionality. (Monday November 20)
  326. parlous: fraught with danger; hazardous. (Tuesday November 21)
  327. querulous: habitually complaining; also, expressing complaint. (Wednesday November 22)
  328. cornucopia: the horn of plenty; also, an abundance. (Thursday November 23)
  329. panacea: a cure-all. (Friday November 24)
  330. sine qua non: an indispensable thing. (Saturday November 25)
  331. fractious: tending to cause trouble; also, irritable. (Sunday November 26)
  332. vim: energy; vigor. (Monday November 27)
  333. perambulate: to stroll; to walk through or over. (Tuesday November 28)
  334. wizened: shriveled; withered. (Wednesday November 29)
  335. modicum: a small or token amount. (Thursday November 30)
  336. oneiric: pertaining to or suggestive of dreams. (Friday December 01)
  337. execrable: detestable; extremely bad. (Saturday December 02)
  338. patina: a superficial layer. (Sunday December 03)
  339. provenance: origin; source. (Monday December 04)
  340. caveat: a warning or caution. (Tuesday December 05)
  341. nonage: a period of youth or immaturity. (Wednesday December 06)
  342. atelier: a workshop; a studio. (Thursday December 07)
  343. fetid: stinking. (Friday December 08)
  344. itinerant: traveling from place to place. (Saturday December 09)
  345. conurbation: an aggregation or continuous network of urban communities. (Sunday December 10)
  346. equipoise: equilibrium; also, counterbalance. (Monday December 11)
  347. coruscate: to emit vivid flashes of light; sparkle; scintillate; gleam. (Tuesday December 12)
  348. voluptuary: a person devoted to luxury and the gratification of sensual appetites. (Wednesday December 13)
  349. harridan: a scolding, vicious woman. (Thursday December 14)
  350. ambit: circuit or compass; also, sphere of action or influence. (Friday December 15)
  351. rapport: relation characterized by sympathetic understanding. (Saturday December 16)
  352. pandemic: affecting a whole people or a number of countries. (Sunday December 17)
  353. apocryphal: of doubtful authorship or authenticity. (Monday December 18)
  354. cormorant: a gluttonous or greedy person. (Tuesday December 19)
  355. microcosm: a smaller, representative system having analogies to a larger system. (Wednesday December 20)
  356. harbinger: a precursor; one that presages what is to come. (Thursday December 21)
  357. censure: to criticize severely; also, an expression of disapproval. (Friday December 22)
  358. capricious: whimsical; changeable. (Saturday December 23)
  359. sporadic: occurring singly, or occasionally, or in scattered instances. (Sunday December 24)
  360. wassail: an expression of good wishes on a festive occasion, especially in drinking to some one. (Monday December 25)
  361. quidnunc: a gossip; a busybody. (Tuesday December 26)
  362. impassible: incapable of suffering; also, unfeeling or not showing feeling. (Wednesday December 27)
  363. gloaming: twilight; dusk. (Thursday December 28)
  364. manse: a large and imposing residence. (Friday December 29)
  365. Grub Street: the world or category of impoverished literary hacks. (Saturday December 30)
  366. Hogmanay: a gift given on New Year's Eve. (Sunday December 31)


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