Word of the Day Archive
February 2000

  1. rebarbative: repellent; irritating.
  2. afflatus: a divine inspiration.
  3. comport: to bear or conduct (oneself); behave.
  4. sunder: to break apart.
  5. espy: to see at a glance.
  6. compunction: anxiety or unease from guilt; also, a scruple.
  7. venial: capable of being forgiven; excusable.
  8. gimcrack: a showy but useless or worthless object.
  9. truculent: fierce; savage; ferocious.
  10. unctuous: marked by a false or smug earnestness or agreeableness.
  11. celerity: quickness; swiftness.
  12. vehement: marked by intensity of emotions or convictions.
  13. putative: commonly thought or deemed; supposed.
  14. wheedle: to entice by flattery.
  15. stolid: unexcitable; unemotional.
  16. lugubrious: mournful; gloomy; dismal.
  17. abjure: to renounce, reject, or shun.
  18. vicissitude: a change in condition or fortune.
  19. redress: to set right.
  20. ubiquitous: being everywhere.
  21. propinquity: nearness.
  22. venal: capable of being bought; also, corruptible.
  23. obviate: to anticipate and dispose of or make unnecessary.
  24. mellifluous: flowing sweetly or smoothly.
  25. prestidigitation: performance of or skill in performing magic or conjuring tricks with the hands; sleight of hand.
  26. gastronome: a lover of good food and drink.
  27. exculpate: to clear from alleged fault or guilt.
  28. diaphanous: allowing light to pass through.
  29. supernumerary: exceeding a necessary or usual number.


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