Word of the Day Archive
May 2000

  1. subterfuge: a deceptive device or stratagem.
  2. kismet: destiny; fate.
  3. turpitude: baseness; depravity.
  4. ephemeral: lasting a very short time.
  5. inveigle: to persuade or obtain by ingenuity or flattery.
  6. portentous: foreboding; ominous.
  7. facetious: playfully jocular; humorous.
  8. deign: to condescend.
  9. restive: resisting control; stubborn.
  10. schadenfreude: a malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of others.
  11. pari passu: without partiality; equably; fairly.
  12. mawkish: sickly or excessively sentimental.
  13. panache: dash or flamboyance in manner or style.
  14. adventitious: added extrinsically; not essentially inherent.
  15. kvetch: to complain habitually.
  16. pejorative: disparaging; belittling.
  17. cognoscente: a person with special knowledge.
  18. alacrity: a cheerful readiness, willingness, or promptness.
  19. bravura: a showy display.
  20. vivify: to endue with life; to enliven.
  21. sonorous: yielding sound; impressive in sound.
  22. anathema: a curse; a person or thing cursed, or intensely disliked.
  23. laconic: using or marked by the use of a minimum of words.
  24. deleterious: harmful.
  25. platitude: a banal, trite, or stale thought or remark.
  26. quash: to annul; also, to crush; to subdue.
  27. meretricious: tawdry.
  28. bumptious: crudely, presumptuously, or noisily self-assertive.
  29. laudable: praiseworthy; commendable.
  30. inamorata: a woman whom one is in love with.
  31. penchant: a strong liking.


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