Word of the Day Archive
June 2000

  1. disconcert: to disturb the composure of.
  2. physiognomy: the face or appearance.
  3. masticate: to chew.
  4. sempiternal: everlasting; eternal.
  5. harangue: a speech addressed to a public assembly; also, a noisy or pompous speech.
  6. supernal: being on high; celestial.
  7. rubicund: inclining to redness; ruddy.
  8. moribund: dying.
  9. apothegm: a short, witty, and instructive saying.
  10. wastrel: a person who wastes; a loafer.
  11. malodorous: having a bad odor.
  12. plangent: beating with a loud or deep sound; also, expressing sadness.
  13. immure: to imprison.
  14. rara avis: a rare or unique person or thing.
  15. scapegrace: one who is wild and reckless.
  16. ruminate: to chew the cud; also, to ponder; to reflect.
  17. hirsute: covered with hair or bristles.
  18. admonition: gentle or friendly reproof; friendly warning.
  19. abrogate: to annul; to do away with.
  20. importunate: troublesomely urgent.
  21. kitsch: art in pretentious bad taste.
  22. monomania: obsession with a single subject.
  23. ribald: characterized by, or given to, vulgar humor.
  24. febrile: feverish.
  25. rapacious: grasping; greedy.
  26. extirpate: to eradicate; to destroy.
  27. uxorious: excessively fond of or submissive to a wife.
  28. anodyne: serving to relieve pain.
  29. bootless: unavailing; useless.
  30. flummox: to confuse; to perplex.


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