Word of the Day Archive
February 2001

  1. melange: a mixture.
  2. limn: to draw or paint; also, to describe.
  3. vapid: flat; dull; spiritless.
  4. pernicious: deadly; destructive; exceedingly harmful.
  5. valetudinarian: a weak or sickly person.
  6. cerebration: the act or product of thinking.
  7. hortatory: serving to encourage or incite.
  8. mimetic: imitative.
  9. bellicose: inclined to or favoring war or strife.
  10. veritable: real; true; genuine.
  11. apprise: to give notice to; to inform.
  12. explicate: to explain.
  13. maelstrom: a large, powerful whirlpool; also, a violent, disordered, or turbulent state of affairs.
  14. billet-doux: a love letter.
  15. dissimulate: to hide under a false appearance; also, to feign or pretend.
  16. adage: an old saying.
  17. histrionic: theatrical.
  18. contrite: feeling or expressing grief and regret for sins or offenses.
  19. lacuna: a blank space; a missing part.
  20. qua: in the capacity or character of; as.
  21. iota: a very small quantity or degree.
  22. malversation: misconduct in public office.
  23. confrere: a colleague, comrade, or intimate associate.
  24. supine: lying on the back; also, indolent; listless.
  25. conflagration: a large and destructive fire.
  26. plenipotentiary: invested with full power.
  27. errant: wandering; deviating from an appointed course, or from a direct path; roving.
  28. preternatural: beyond of different from what is natural; inexplicable; extraordinary; abnormal.


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