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Saturday, February 24, 2001


\soo-PYN; SOO-pyn\ , adjective;
Lying on the back, or with the face upward.
Indolent; listless; inactive; mentally or morally lethargic.
On the edge of sleep, I urged my thoughts backward, back to my own back yard, where I lay supine, looking at the stars on a summer night, looking back in time as far as starlight could take me--and a drop of water fell on my forehead.
-- Eric Kraft, Leaving Small's Hotel
Days are spent lying supine, crouching or kneeling in that small space, chiseling away at the matrix rock and picking out the nuggets of fossilized resin that are exposed.
-- George Poinar Jr. and Roberta Poinar, The Amber Forest
Such independence of mind was a revelation and an incitement. It promised a counterweight to a supine tendency to follow socially sanctioned practices and ideas.
-- Alain De Botton, The Consolations of Philosophy
Supine derives from Latin supinus, "lying on the back."
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