Word of the Day Archive
March 2001

  1. idee fixe: a fixed idea; an obsession.
  2. succor: aid; help; also, to help or relieve.
  3. piebald: mottled; also, mixed.
  4. mollify: to reduce in intensity; to soothe; to soften.
  5. staid: steady or sedate in character.
  6. prima facie: at first view.
  7. exemplar: an ideal model or type.
  8. recidivism: a tendency to lapse into a previous condition or pattern of behavior; esp., into prior criminal habits.
  9. nosegay: a bouquet.
  10. wan: pale; also, lacking vitality or intensity.
  11. digerati: persons knowledgeable about computers.
  12. avuncular: resembling an uncle, as in kindness or indulgence.
  13. nebbish: a weak-willed, timid, or ineffectual person.
  14. cadge: to beg; to sponge.
  15. minatory: threatening; menacing.
  16. quietus: final acquittance, as from debt; also, rest; death.
  17. sagacious: having or showing keen discernment.
  18. feckless: ineffective; weak; worthless.
  19. invective: insulting or abusive language.
  20. sartorial: of or relating to a tailor, tailoring, or clothing.
  21. puckish: whimsical; mischievous; impish.
  22. abulia: loss or impairment of the ability to act or to make decisions.
  23. small beer: weak beer; also, matters of little importance.
  24. vagary: an extravagant, erratic, or unpredictable notion, action, or occurrence.
  25. nimbus: a dark gray rain cloud; also, a halo, an aura.
  26. overweening: overbearing; also, excessive.
  27. insuperable: incapable of being passed over, surmounted, or overcome.
  28. effete: infertile; also, worn out; also, decadent, effeminate.
  29. spry: nimble.
  30. luminary: any body that gives light; also, a person of eminence or brilliant achievement.
  31. ignoble: not noble.


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