Word of the Day Archive
May 2001

  1. sotto voce: spoken low or in an undertone.
  2. bailiwick: a person's specific area of knowledge, authority, interest, skill, or work.
  3. nonplus: to render utterly perplexed; puzzle completely.
  4. inkhorn: affectedly or ostentatiously learned.
  5. jocular: given to or characterized by joking.
  6. incommunicado: without means or right to communicate.
  7. apotheosis: a model of excellence or perfection of a kind.
  8. bucolic: rustic; pastoral.
  9. limpid: clear; also, serene.
  10. solicitous: manifesting, expressing, or full of care or concern.
  11. comely: pleasing to the sight.
  12. inexorable: unyielding; relentless.
  13. nonpareil: having no equal.
  14. ossify: to harden or to become bone.
  15. commodious: comfortably spacious; roomy.
  16. pastiche: a hodgepodge; a potpourri.
  17. martinet: a strict disciplinarian.
  18. connubial: of or pertaining to marriage.
  19. acrimony: bitter, harsh, or biting sharpness.
  20. lambaste: to scold sharply; also, to beat.
  21. bibelot: a small object of curiosity, beauty, or rarity.
  22. egress: the act of going out or leaving; exit.
  23. propitiate: to appease; to conciliate.
  24. stripling: an adolescent youth.
  25. peripatetic: walking about or traveling from place to place.
  26. abattoir: a slaughterhouse.
  27. rivulet: a small stream or brook.
  28. obstreperous: noisily and stubbornly defiant; also, boisterous.
  29. donnybrook: a brawl or dispute.
  30. hoi polloi: the common people; the masses.
  31. pervicacious: stubborn; obstinate.


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