Word of the Day Archive
July 2001

  1. satiety: fullness to or beyond the point of satisfaction.
  2. presentiment: a premonition.
  3. timorous: full of apprehensiveness; fearful.
  4. penury: extreme poverty; also, insufficiency.
  5. cudgel: a short heavy stick.
  6. tirade: a long angry speech.
  7. aright: rightly; correctly.
  8. filial: of, pertaining to, or befitting a son or daughter.
  9. brackish: somewhat salty; also, distasteful.
  10. louche: of questionable taste or morality.
  11. solecism: a breach of good manners or etiquette.
  12. riposte: a quick and effective reply by word or act.
  13. longueur: a tedious passage in a work of literature or performance art.
  14. juxtaposition: the act or an instance of placing in nearness.
  15. vatic: of or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy.
  16. crux: the essential point or feature.
  17. exegesis: critical explanation or analysis, especially of a text.
  18. arriviste: an upstart.
  19. carom: to strike and rebound; also, a glancing off.
  20. slake: to allay (thirst, desire, wrath, etc.) by satisfying.
  21. eremite: a hermit.
  22. cohort: a group; also, a companion or associate.
  23. avatar: an incarnation.
  24. ne plus ultra: the acme; also, the most profound degree.
  25. exhort: to urge strongly.
  26. senescent: growing old.
  27. Cockaigne: an imaginary land of ease and luxury.
  28. skulduggery: devious, dishonest, or unscrupulous behavior or activity.
  29. fey: possessing or displaying a strange and otherworldly aspect or quality.
  30. remonstrate: to present and urge reasons in opposition.
  31. hinterland: backcountry.


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