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Saturday, November 24, 2001


\for-GO\ , transitive verb;
Inflected forms: forwent, forgone, forgoing, forgoes
To abstain from; to do without.
This one has given up smoking today, I knew; that one his weekly visit to the cafe, another will forgo her favorite foods.
-- Joanne Harris, Chocolat
If my deepest wish is to sit on a beach in Maine fishing for bass, I might cheerfully forgo stock options in Microsoft to do it.
-- Alan Ryan, "It's Not Easy Being Equal", New York Times, June 18, 2000
As much as I wanted to forgo college and head straight to New York to become an actress, my father said that all knowledge would serve me and that the more I knew the more I could bring to my work.
-- Jane Alexander, Command Performance
Forgo derives from Old English forgan, "to go without, to forgo," from for-, "without" + gan, "to go."
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