Word of the Day Archive
March 2002

  1. prolix: wordy.
  2. cavalcade: a procession.
  3. celerity: quickness; swiftness.
  4. obloquy: ill repute.
  5. extol: to praise.
  6. frisson: a sudden, passing sensation of excitement.
  7. malediction: a curse.
  8. lenity: the state or quality of being lenient.
  9. unctuous: marked by a false or smug earnestness or agreeableness.
  10. expatiate: to speak or write at length.
  11. nescience: lack of knowledge or awareness.
  12. desideratum: something desired.
  13. indomitable: incapable of being subdued or overcome.
  14. raconteur: one who excels in telling stories and anecdotes.
  15. sunder: to break apart.
  16. peccadillo: a slight offense; a petty fault.
  17. extricate: to free or release from a difficulty or entanglement.
  18. aspersion: a damaging or derogatory remark.
  19. levity: frivolity.
  20. mellifluous: flowing sweetly or smoothly.
  21. logorrhea: excessive talkativeness.
  22. arrogate: to claim or seize without right or justification.
  23. forlorn: sad and lonely because deserted, abandoned, or lost.
  24. comport: to bear or conduct (oneself); behave.
  25. farrago: an assortment; a medley.
  26. ratiocination: the process of logical reasoning.
  27. varicolored: having a variety of colors.
  28. doula: a woman who assists in childbirth.
  29. nonagenarian: someone whose age is in the nineties.
  30. friable: easily crumbled, pulverized, or reduced to powder.
  31. gravitas: high seriousness.


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