Word of the Day Archive
December 2002

  1. meticulous: extremely careful about details.
  2. wayworn: wearied by traveling.
  3. parlous: fraught with danger; hazardous.
  4. vim: energy; vigor.
  5. booboisie: a class of people regarded as stupid or foolish.
  6. orotund: full in sound; also, bombastic.
  7. palindrome: a word, verse, phrase, or sentence that reads the same backward or forward.
  8. flippant: showing inappropriate levity; pert.
  9. irrefragable: impossible to refute.
  10. cogent: appealing to the mind or to reason; convincing.
  11. ukase: an edict.
  12. fetid: stinking.
  13. badinage: light, playful talk.
  14. atelier: a workshop; a studio.
  15. posit: to postulate; also, to suggest.
  16. callow: immature.
  17. succinct: brief; concise.
  18. lugubrious: mournful; gloomy; dismal.
  19. officious: meddlesome.
  20. castigate: to punish or criticize severely.
  21. propinquity: nearness.
  22. descant: a discourse; also, to discourse.
  23. robustious: boisterous; vigorous.
  24. subfusc: dark or dull in color.
  25. jollification: merrymaking; revelry.
  26. doff: to take off; to remove; also, to rid oneself of.
  27. conurbation: an aggregation or continuous network of urban communities.
  28. pugilist: a boxer.
  29. gewgaw: a trinket; a bauble.
  30. quiddity: the essence or nature of a thing.
  31. complement: something that fills up or completes.


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