Word of the Day Archive

  1. slugabed: one who stays in bed until a late hour. (Wednesday January 01)
  2. manse: a large and imposing residence. (Thursday January 02)
  3. rebarbative: repellent; irritating. (Friday January 03)
  4. felicitous: apt or appropriate; also, delightful. (Saturday January 04)
  5. nostrum: a questionable remedy. (Sunday January 05)
  6. subaltern: subordinate. (Monday January 06)
  7. quidnunc: a gossip; a busybody. (Tuesday January 07)
  8. provenance: origin; source. (Wednesday January 08)
  9. obviate: to anticipate and dispose of or make unnecessary. (Thursday January 09)
  10. lucre: money; profit. (Friday January 10)
  11. dudgeon: a state or fit of intense indignation. (Saturday January 11)
  12. gloaming: twilight; dusk. (Sunday January 12)
  13. sedulous: diligent in application or pursuit. (Monday January 13)
  14. querulous: habitually complaining; also, expressing complaint. (Tuesday January 14)
  15. restive: resisting control; stubborn. (Wednesday January 15)
  16. abstemious: temperate; abstinent; refraining from indulgence. (Thursday January 16)
  17. fop: a man who is vain about his dress and appearance. (Friday January 17)
  18. apparition: a ghost; also, an unexpected appearance. (Saturday January 18)
  19. inveterate: deep-rooted; of long standing. (Sunday January 19)
  20. glower: to stare angrily or with a scowl. (Monday January 20)
  21. itinerant: traveling from place to place. (Tuesday January 21)
  22. risible: exciting or provoking laughter. (Wednesday January 22)
  23. lackadaisical: lacking spirit or liveliness. (Thursday January 23)
  24. scuttlebutt: gossip; rumor. (Friday January 24)
  25. consanguineous: related by blood; descended from the same ancestor. (Saturday January 25)
  26. milieu: environment; setting. (Sunday January 26)
  27. capacious: able to contain much. (Monday January 27)
  28. pule: to whimper; to whine. (Tuesday January 28)
  29. sublunary: situated beneath the moon; terrestrial. (Wednesday January 29)
  30. cavil: to raise trivial objections; also, a trivial objection. (Thursday January 30)
  31. impecunious: habitually without money; poor. (Friday January 31)
  32. introspection: the act or process of self-examination; reflection. (Saturday February 01)
  33. propound: to put forward for consideration. (Sunday February 02)
  34. neophyte: a novice. (Monday February 03)
  35. rapport: relation characterized by sympathetic understanding. (Tuesday February 04)
  36. imbroglio: a complicated and embarrassing state of things. (Wednesday February 05)
  37. rictus: a gaping grin or grimace. (Thursday February 06)
  38. winsome: light-hearted. (Friday February 07)
  39. melee: a confused conflict. (Saturday February 08)
  40. obdurate: hardened in feelings or in wrongdoing; unyielding. (Sunday February 09)
  41. placate: to appease; to pacify. (Monday February 10)
  42. spurious: not genuine; false; illegitimate. (Tuesday February 11)
  43. waylay: to ambush or accost. (Wednesday February 12)
  44. ingenue: a naive girl or young woman, or an actress representing such a person. (Thursday February 13)
  45. osculation: the act of kissing; a kiss. (Friday February 14)
  46. voluptuary: a person devoted to luxury and the gratification of sensual appetites. (Saturday February 15)
  47. enmity: hatred; ill will. (Sunday February 16)
  48. sub rosa: secretly; privately; confidentially. (Monday February 17)
  49. compunction: anxiety or unease from guilt; also, a scruple. (Tuesday February 18)
  50. upbraid: to scold or criticize harshly. (Wednesday February 19)
  51. gaucherie: a socially awkward or tactless act; also, lack of tact. (Thursday February 20)
  52. aggress: to make an attack. (Friday February 21)
  53. mores: customs; habits; ways. (Saturday February 22)
  54. sough: to make a soft, low sighing or rustling sound. (Sunday February 23)
  55. chimerical: merely imaginary; fanciful. (Monday February 24)
  56. grandee: a man of elevated rank or station; a nobleman. (Tuesday February 25)
  57. complaisant: exhibiting a desire to please. (Wednesday February 26)
  58. spoony: foolishly or sentimentally in love. (Thursday February 27)
  59. forfend: to avert; also, to protect or preserve. (Friday February 28)
  60. sylvan: pertaining to woods or forests. (Saturday March 01)
  61. countermand: to revoke (a former command) or recall by a contrary order. (Sunday March 02)
  62. stormy petrel: a type of seabird; also, one fond of bringing strife. (Monday March 03)
  63. votary: one devoted to some pursuit, worship, study, or way of life. (Tuesday March 04)
  64. melange: a mixture. (Wednesday March 05)
  65. salutary: beneficial; also, healthful. (Thursday March 06)
  66. scrabble: to scrape or scratch with the hands or feet. (Friday March 07)
  67. piebald: mottled; also, mixed. (Saturday March 08)
  68. berate: to scold severely or angrily. (Sunday March 09)
  69. limn: to draw or paint; also, to describe. (Monday March 10)
  70. mollify: to reduce in intensity; to soothe; to soften. (Tuesday March 11)
  71. immolate: to kill or destroy, often by fire. (Wednesday March 12)
  72. tetchy: peevish; testy; irritable. (Thursday March 13)
  73. emolument: the wages or perquisites arising from office, employment, or labor. (Friday March 14)
  74. benignant: kind; gracious; favorable. (Saturday March 15)
  75. preponderate: to exceed in weight, influence, importance, amount, etc. (Sunday March 16)
  76. verdant: green. (Monday March 17)
  77. trencherman: a hearty eater. (Tuesday March 18)
  78. diadem: a crown. (Wednesday March 19)
  79. virago: an ill-tempered, overbearing woman; also, a woman of great strength and courage. (Thursday March 20)
  80. supposititious: fraudulently substituted; also, hypothetical. (Friday March 21)
  81. inanition: exhaustion from lack of nourishment; also, emptiness. (Saturday March 22)
  82. conspectus: a sketch, survey, or outline of a subject. (Sunday March 23)
  83. salmagundi: a mixture or assortment; also, a kind of mixed dish or salad. (Monday March 24)
  84. caesura: a break or pause in a line of verse; also, any break or pause. (Tuesday March 25)
  85. expeditious: characterized by speed and efficiency. (Wednesday March 26)
  86. deprecate: to disapprove of; also, to belittle. (Thursday March 27)
  87. misnomer: a misnaming. (Friday March 28)
  88. verbiage: an overabundance of words. (Saturday March 29)
  89. Brobdingnagian: gigantic; enormous. (Sunday March 30)
  90. invidious: tending to provoke envy or ill will. (Monday March 31)
  91. chicanery: the use of trickery to deceive. (Tuesday April 01)
  92. minatory: threatening; menacing. (Wednesday April 02)
  93. stentorian: extremely loud. (Thursday April 03)
  94. circumspect: cautious; prudent. (Friday April 04)
  95. plebeian: common; vulgar. (Saturday April 05)
  96. explicate: to explain. (Sunday April 06)
  97. censorious: harshly critical. (Monday April 07)
  98. equable: equal and uniform; also, not easily disturbed. (Tuesday April 08)
  99. assiduous: constant in application or attention. (Wednesday April 09)
  100. noisome: offensive or disgusting; also, harmful; unwholesome. (Thursday April 10)
  101. inure: to make used to; also, to take or have effect. (Friday April 11)
  102. bivouac: a usually temporary encampment; also, to encamp. (Saturday April 12)
  103. confrere: a colleague, comrade, or intimate associate. (Sunday April 13)
  104. tmesis: in grammar and rhetoric, the separation of the parts of a compound word. (Monday April 14)
  105. umbrage: offense; resentment. (Tuesday April 15)
  106. susurrus: a whispering or rustling sound. (Wednesday April 16)
  107. canorous: melodious; musical. (Thursday April 17)
  108. trepidation: a state of dread or alarm; apprehension. (Friday April 18)
  109. sacrosanct: sacred; inviolable. (Saturday April 19)
  110. oneiric: pertaining to or suggestive of dreams. (Sunday April 20)
  111. maelstrom: a large, powerful whirlpool; also, a violent, disordered, or turbulent state of affairs. (Monday April 21)
  112. epigone: an inferior imitator. (Tuesday April 22)
  113. nonage: a period of youth or immaturity. (Wednesday April 23)
  114. quiescent: at rest; still; inactive. (Thursday April 24)
  115. maladroit: awkward; unskillful; inept. (Friday April 25)
  116. virtu: love of or taste for fine objects of art; also, productions of art. (Saturday April 26)
  117. outré: unconventional; eccentric; bizarre. (Sunday April 27)
  118. sartorial: of or relating to a tailor, tailoring, or clothing. (Monday April 28)
  119. lacuna: a blank space; a missing part. (Tuesday April 29)
  120. funereal: pertaining to or suiting a funeral; gloomy; mournful. (Wednesday April 30)
  121. simulacrum: a representation; an insubstantial or vague semblance. (Thursday May 01)
  122. putative: commonly thought or deemed; supposed. (Friday May 02)
  123. vitiate: to make faulty or imperfect. (Saturday May 03)
  124. daedal: skillful; artistic; ingenious. (Sunday May 04)
  125. autocrat: a ruler with unlimited authority. (Monday May 05)
  126. comestible: suitable to be eaten. (Tuesday May 06)
  127. objurgate: to scold or rebuke sharply. (Wednesday May 07)
  128. sardonic: scornful, mocking. (Thursday May 08)
  129. lexicon: a dictionary; also, the vocabulary of a person, group, etc. (Friday May 09)
  130. contemporaneous: originating, existing, or occurring at the same time. (Saturday May 10)
  131. panoply: a splendid or impressive array. (Sunday May 11)
  132. supererogatory: going beyond what is required or expected; also, superfluous, unnecessary. (Monday May 12)
  133. comity: a state of mutual harmony, friendship, and respect. (Tuesday May 13)
  134. eleemosynary: relating to charity; charitable. (Wednesday May 14)
  135. inclement: harsh; severe -- especially said of the weather. (Thursday May 15)
  136. hugger-mugger: secret; also, muddled, disorderly. (Friday May 16)
  137. genial: sympathetically cheerful and cheering; kindly. (Saturday May 17)
  138. florid: flushed with red; also, excessively ornate. (Sunday May 18)
  139. sapient: wise; sage; discerning. (Monday May 19)
  140. disparate: fundamentally different; also, composed of dissimilar elements. (Tuesday May 20)
  141. prevaricate: to depart from or evade the truth. (Wednesday May 21)
  142. inveigle: to persuade or obtain by ingenuity or flattery. (Thursday May 22)
  143. harridan: a scolding, vicious woman. (Friday May 23)
  144. segue: to proceed without interruption. (Saturday May 24)
  145. lascivious: lewd; lustful. (Sunday May 25)
  146. visage: the face; also, appearance; aspect. (Monday May 26)
  147. lugubrious: mournful; gloomy; dismal. (Tuesday May 27)
  148. interstice: a space between things or parts. (Wednesday May 28)
  149. sempiternal: everlasting; eternal. (Thursday May 29)
  150. idee fixe: a fixed idea; an obsession. (Friday May 30)
  151. prestidigitation: performance of or skill in performing magic or conjuring tricks with the hands; sleight of hand. (Saturday May 31)
  152. ephemeron: something short-lived. (Sunday June 01)
  153. desultory: jumping from subject to subject; erratic; inconsistent. (Monday June 02)
  154. specious: apparently right but not so in reality. (Tuesday June 03)
  155. interpolate: to insert between; also, to alter or corrupt by insertion. (Wednesday June 04)
  156. stertorous: characterized by a heavy snoring or gasping sound. (Thursday June 05)
  157. alpenglow: a reddish glow seen near sunset or sunrise on the summits of mountains. (Friday June 06)
  158. fatuous: inanely foolish; stupid; also, illusory. (Saturday June 07)
  159. miscreant: a scoundrel, a villain; also, a heretic. (Sunday June 08)
  160. trice: an instant; a moment. (Monday June 09)
  161. surfeit: excess; an excessive amount. (Tuesday June 10)
  162. provender: food or provisions. (Wednesday June 11)
  163. bibelot: a small object of curiosity, beauty, or rarity. (Thursday June 12)
  164. gnomic: uttering, containing, or characterized by maxims. (Friday June 13)
  165. invective: insulting or abusive language. (Saturday June 14)
  166. paterfamilias: the male head of a household; the father of a family. (Sunday June 15)
  167. land of Nod: sleep. (Monday June 16)
  168. inhere: to be inherent. (Tuesday June 17)
  169. bombast: pompous or pretentious speech or writing. (Wednesday June 18)
  170. valetudinarian: a weak or sickly person. (Thursday June 19)
  171. bellwether: a leader or leading indicator. (Friday June 20)
  172. facile: easily done or performed. (Saturday June 21)
  173. jovial: merry; joyous; jolly. (Sunday June 22)
  174. inculcate: to teach and impress by frequent repetition or instruction. (Monday June 23)
  175. parvenu: an upstart; one newly risen in class or economic status. (Tuesday June 24)
  176. choleric: easily angered; also, indicating or expressing anger. (Wednesday June 25)
  177. insouciant: marked by blithe unconcern; nonchalant. (Thursday June 26)
  178. concupiscence: lust. (Friday June 27)
  179. nettlesome: causing irritation, vexation, or distress. (Saturday June 28)
  180. dapple: a small contrasting blotch; also, to mark with spots. (Sunday June 29)
  181. antediluvian: extremely old. (Monday June 30)
  182. ostracize: to banish or expel. (Tuesday July 01)
  183. thaumaturgy: the performing of miracles or magic. (Wednesday July 02)
  184. paucity: fewness; insufficiency. (Thursday July 03)
  185. encomium: expression of praise. (Friday July 04)
  186. requisite: required; indispensable. (Saturday July 05)
  187. toper: a drunkard; a sot. (Sunday July 06)
  188. plaint: an expression of sorrow; also, a complaint. (Monday July 07)
  189. travail: painful, arduous work; also, agony, anguish. (Tuesday July 08)
  190. alacrity: a cheerful readiness, willingness, or promptness. (Wednesday July 09)
  191. disheveled: in loose disorder; disarranged. (Thursday July 10)
  192. junta: a governmental council or committee, esp. one that rules after a revolution. (Friday July 11)
  193. respite: an interval of rest or relief. (Saturday July 12)
  194. wheedle: to entice by flattery. (Sunday July 13)
  195. febrile: feverish. (Monday July 14)
  196. habitue: one who habitually frequents a place. (Tuesday July 15)
  197. Pyrrhic victory: a victory achieved at great cost. (Wednesday July 16)
  198. animadversion: harsh criticism or disapproval. (Thursday July 17)
  199. encumbrance: a burden, impediment, or hindrance. (Friday July 18)
  200. copious: large in quantity; also, affording an abundant supply. (Saturday July 19)
  201. impugn: to call in question; to make insinuations against. (Sunday July 20)
  202. ascetic: one who practices extreme self-denial; also, austere, severe. (Monday July 21)
  203. aggrandize: to make or make appear great or greater. (Tuesday July 22)
  204. syncretic: uniting and blending together different belief systems. (Wednesday July 23)
  205. donnybrook: a brawl or dispute. (Thursday July 24)
  206. surcease: cessation; stop; end. (Friday July 25)
  207. perquisite: a benefit in addition to a salary. (Saturday July 26)
  208. scion: a descendant; an heir. (Sunday July 27)
  209. proselytize: to convert (someone) to another religion, belief, etc. (Monday July 28)
  210. abattoir: a slaughterhouse. (Tuesday July 29)
  211. tchotchke: a trinket; a knickknack. (Wednesday July 30)
  212. factitious: artificial; not authentic or genuine. (Thursday July 31)
  213. alfresco: outdoors; outdoor. (Friday August 01)
  214. plethora: excess. (Saturday August 02)
  215. jocular: given to or characterized by joking. (Sunday August 03)
  216. physiognomy: the face or appearance. (Monday August 04)
  217. constitutional: a walk taken for one's health. (Tuesday August 05)
  218. tutelage: guardianship; protection; also, instruction. (Wednesday August 06)
  219. incommunicado: without means or right to communicate. (Thursday August 07)
  220. fillip: a snap; also, a stimulus. (Friday August 08)
  221. phantasmagoria: a shifting series or succession of things seen or imagined. (Saturday August 09)
  222. cum: with; along with; combined with. (Sunday August 10)
  223. excoriate: to express strong disapproval of; also, to flay. (Monday August 11)
  224. skulk: to hide in a sneaking manner. (Tuesday August 12)
  225. apothegm: a short, witty, and instructive saying. (Wednesday August 13)
  226. sine qua non: an indispensable thing. (Thursday August 14)
  227. cognoscente: a person with special knowledge. (Friday August 15)
  228. vehement: marked by intensity of emotions or convictions. (Saturday August 16)
  229. amalgam: an alloy of mercury with other metals; also, a mixture. (Sunday August 17)
  230. wunderkind: one who achieves success or acclaim during youth. (Monday August 18)
  231. cozen: to deceive or obtain by deceit. (Tuesday August 19)
  232. bucolic: rustic; pastoral. (Wednesday August 20)
  233. irrefragable: impossible to refute. (Thursday August 21)
  234. stolid: unexcitable; unemotional. (Friday August 22)
  235. redact: to edit. (Saturday August 23)
  236. hyperbole: extravagant exaggeration. (Sunday August 24)
  237. vainglory: excessive pride or vain display. (Monday August 25)
  238. requisite: required; indispensable. (Tuesday August 26)
  239. dour: stern or unyielding or gloomy. (Wednesday August 27)
  240. equipoise: equilibrium; also, counterbalance. (Thursday August 28)
  241. doppelganger: a ghostly double. (Friday August 29)
  242. gainsay: to contradict; to deny. (Saturday August 30)
  243. flout: to treat with contempt and disregard. (Sunday August 31)
  244. supercilious: disdainfully arrogant. (Monday September 01)
  245. en masse: all together; as a whole. (Tuesday September 02)
  246. cadge: to beg; to sponge. (Wednesday September 03)
  247. perambulate: to stroll; to walk through or over. (Thursday September 04)
  248. agog: in eager desire. (Friday September 05)
  249. innocuous: harmless; also, unlikely to offend or provoke. (Saturday September 06)
  250. mimetic: imitative. (Sunday September 07)
  251. defenestrate: to throw out of a window. (Monday September 08)
  252. métier: an occupation, especially in which one excels. (Tuesday September 09)
  253. caveat: a warning or caution. (Wednesday September 10)
  254. succor: aid; help; also, to help or relieve. (Thursday September 11)
  255. inveigh: to rail (against some person or thing). (Friday September 12)
  256. stoic: indifferent to or unaffected by pleasure or pain; also, one who is stoic. (Saturday September 13)
  257. confluence: a flowing or coming together. (Sunday September 14)
  258. hortatory: serving to encourage or incite. (Monday September 15)
  259. dotage: feebleness of mind due to old age. (Tuesday September 16)
  260. canard: an unfounded or false report. (Wednesday September 17)
  261. malaise: a condition of uneasiness or ill-being. (Thursday September 18)
  262. transmogrify: to transform. (Friday September 19)
  263. evince: to show in a clear manner. (Saturday September 20)
  264. gesticulate: to make gestures or motions. (Sunday September 21)
  265. martinet: a strict disciplinarian. (Monday September 22)
  266. supernumerary: exceeding a necessary or usual number. (Tuesday September 23)
  267. deus ex machina: an agent who appears unexpectedly to solve an apparently insoluble difficulty. (Wednesday September 24)
  268. hobbledehoy: an awkward, gawky young fellow. (Thursday September 25)
  269. toothsome: pleasing to the taste; palatable. (Friday September 26)
  270. ascribe: to attribute. (Saturday September 27)
  271. titivate: to make decorative additions to; to spruce. (Sunday September 28)
  272. uxorious: excessively fond of or submissive to a wife. (Monday September 29)
  273. atrabilious: irritable; ill-natured. (Tuesday September 30)
  274. expropriate: to deprive of possession; also, to transfer (property) to oneself. (Wednesday October 01)
  275. venal: capable of being bought; also, corruptible. (Thursday October 02)
  276. pejorative: disparaging; belittling. (Friday October 03)
  277. nuptial: of or pertaining to marriage. (Saturday October 04)
  278. imbue: to dye; to instill profoundly. (Sunday October 05)
  279. denizen: an inhabitant. (Monday October 06)
  280. staid: steady or sedate in character. (Tuesday October 07)
  281. nonplus: to render utterly perplexed; puzzle completely. (Wednesday October 08)
  282. adumbrate: to foreshadow; prefigure. (Thursday October 09)
  283. turgid: swollen, bloated; also, bombastic, pompous. (Friday October 10)
  284. paragon: a model of excellence or perfection. (Saturday October 11)
  285. ambit: circuit or compass; also, sphere of action or influence. (Sunday October 12)
  286. profligate: shamelessly immoral; also, recklessly wasteful. (Monday October 13)
  287. cerebration: the act or product of thinking. (Tuesday October 14)
  288. rotund: round; rounded in figure. (Wednesday October 15)
  289. acquiesce: to accept or consent passively or without objection. (Thursday October 16)
  290. bedaub: to besmear; also, to overdecorate. (Friday October 17)
  291. dilettante: an amateur; also, an admirer or lover of the fine arts. (Saturday October 18)
  292. execrable: detestable; extremely bad. (Sunday October 19)
  293. nebbish: a weak-willed, timid, or ineffectual person. (Monday October 20)
  294. filial: of, pertaining to, or befitting a son or daughter. (Tuesday October 21)
  295. panacea: a cure-all. (Wednesday October 22)
  296. leitmotif: a dominant and recurring theme. (Thursday October 23)
  297. arbiter: one having the power of judging and determining. (Friday October 24)
  298. recidivism: a tendency to lapse into a previous condition or pattern of behavior; esp., into prior criminal habits. (Saturday October 25)
  299. impassible: incapable of suffering; also, unfeeling or not showing feeling. (Sunday October 26)
  300. contumacious: obstinate; stubbornly disobedient. (Monday October 27)
  301. largess: generous giving; also, gifts of money or other valuables. (Tuesday October 28)
  302. cataract: a large waterfall; also, a downpour, a flood. (Wednesday October 29)
  303. sotto voce: spoken low or in an undertone. (Thursday October 30)
  304. wraith: a ghost; also, something insubstantial or shadowy. (Friday October 31)
  305. vapid: flat; dull; spiritless. (Saturday November 01)
  306. internecine: destructive; especially, mutually destructive; also, relating to conflict within a group. (Sunday November 02)
  307. potentate: one who possesses great power or sway. (Monday November 03)
  308. crux: the essential point or feature. (Tuesday November 04)
  309. avuncular: resembling an uncle, as in kindness or indulgence. (Wednesday November 05)
  310. deracinate: to uproot. (Thursday November 06)
  311. amity: friendship; friendly relations. (Friday November 07)
  312. microcosm: a smaller, representative system having analogies to a larger system. (Saturday November 08)
  313. juxtaposition: the act or an instance of placing in nearness. (Sunday November 09)
  314. exemplar: an ideal model or type. (Monday November 10)
  315. solicitous: manifesting, expressing, or full of care or concern. (Tuesday November 11)
  316. dyspeptic: pertaining to or having indigestion; also, irritable or ill-humored. (Wednesday November 12)
  317. obfuscate: to make obscure or unclear; also, to darken. (Thursday November 13)
  318. termagant: a scolding, nagging, bad-tempered woman. (Friday November 14)
  319. extraneous: coming from the outside; also, not essential; also, irrelevant. (Saturday November 15)
  320. bifurcate: to divide into two branches. (Sunday November 16)
  321. felicitous: apt or appropriate; also, delightful. (Monday November 17)
  322. portent: a sign or omen. (Tuesday November 18)
  323. bellicose: inclined to or favoring war or strife. (Wednesday November 19)
  324. interlard: to insert between; to mix. (Thursday November 20)
  325. Argus-eyed: extremely observant; watchful. (Friday November 21)
  326. repine: to feel or express discontent. (Saturday November 22)
  327. plaudit: enthusiastic approval. (Sunday November 23)
  328. limpid: clear; also, serene. (Monday November 24)
  329. aficionado: an enthusiastic admirer; a fan. (Tuesday November 25)
  330. rapacious: grasping; greedy. (Wednesday November 26)
  331. satiety: fullness to or beyond the point of satisfaction. (Thursday November 27)
  332. obtrude: to thrust out; also, to impose on others. (Friday November 28)
  333. patina: a superficial layer. (Saturday November 29)
  334. animus: a feeling of ill will; also, animating spirit; disposition. (Sunday November 30)
  335. tutelary: guardian; protecting. (Monday December 01)
  336. arcane: understood or known by only a few. (Tuesday December 02)
  337. rusticate: to go to the country. (Wednesday December 03)
  338. fractious: tending to cause trouble; also, irritable. (Thursday December 04)
  339. stanch: to stop the flowing of; to check. (Friday December 05)
  340. furtive: obtained or characterized by stealth; sly; secret; stealthy. (Saturday December 06)
  341. Elysium: paradise. (Sunday December 07)
  342. otiose: ineffective; also, being at leisure; also, of no use. (Monday December 08)
  343. plangent: beating with a loud or deep sound; also, expressing sadness. (Tuesday December 09)
  344. malcontent: one who is discontented or dissatisfied. (Wednesday December 10)
  345. gallimaufry: a hodgepodge; jumble; confused medley. (Thursday December 11)
  346. meretricious: tawdry. (Friday December 12)
  347. solace: comfort in grief. (Saturday December 13)
  348. admonition: gentle or friendly reproof; friendly warning. (Sunday December 14)
  349. interregnum: the interval between two reigns; also, any breach of continuity in an order. (Monday December 15)
  350. velleity: volition in its weakest form. (Tuesday December 16)
  351. derogate: to deviate from expectation; also, to detract; also, to disparage. (Wednesday December 17)
  352. mazy: resembling a maze; intricate or confusing. (Thursday December 18)
  353. pablum: something (as writing or speech) that is trite, insipid, or simplistic. (Friday December 19)
  354. wag: a humorous person; a wit. (Saturday December 20)
  355. eremite: a hermit. (Sunday December 21)
  356. pertinacious: holding obstinately to a belief, purpose or design; also, stubbornly persistent. (Monday December 22)
  357. Hobson's choice: a choice without an alternative. (Tuesday December 23)
  358. luminary: any body that gives light; also, a person of eminence or brilliant achievement. (Wednesday December 24)
  359. benefaction: the act of conferring a benefit; also, a benefit conferred. (Thursday December 25)
  360. superannuated: old; discharged or disqualified on account of old age. (Friday December 26)
  361. expunge: to strike out or erase; to obliterate. (Saturday December 27)
  362. fustian: pompous or pretentious language. (Sunday December 28)
  363. dissimulate: to hide under a false appearance; also, to feign or pretend. (Monday December 29)
  364. stripling: an adolescent youth. (Tuesday December 30)
  365. terminus: the end of a transportation line or route; any finishing point. (Wednesday December 31)


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