Word of the Day Archive
March 2003

  1. sylvan: pertaining to woods or forests.
  2. countermand: to revoke (a former command) or recall by a contrary order.
  3. stormy petrel: a type of seabird; also, one fond of bringing strife.
  4. votary: one devoted to some pursuit, worship, study, or way of life.
  5. melange: a mixture.
  6. salutary: beneficial; also, healthful.
  7. scrabble: to scrape or scratch with the hands or feet.
  8. piebald: mottled; also, mixed.
  9. berate: to scold severely or angrily.
  10. limn: to draw or paint; also, to describe.
  11. mollify: to reduce in intensity; to soothe; to soften.
  12. immolate: to kill or destroy, often by fire.
  13. tetchy: peevish; testy; irritable.
  14. emolument: the wages or perquisites arising from office, employment, or labor.
  15. benignant: kind; gracious; favorable.
  16. preponderate: to exceed in weight, influence, importance, amount, etc.
  17. verdant: green.
  18. trencherman: a hearty eater.
  19. diadem: a crown.
  20. virago: an ill-tempered, overbearing woman; also, a woman of great strength and courage.
  21. supposititious: fraudulently substituted; also, hypothetical.
  22. inanition: exhaustion from lack of nourishment; also, emptiness.
  23. conspectus: a sketch, survey, or outline of a subject.
  24. salmagundi: a mixture or assortment; also, a kind of mixed dish or salad.
  25. caesura: a break or pause in a line of verse; also, any break or pause.
  26. expeditious: characterized by speed and efficiency.
  27. deprecate: to disapprove of; also, to belittle.
  28. misnomer: a misnaming.
  29. verbiage: an overabundance of words.
  30. Brobdingnagian: of huge size; gigantic; tremendous.
  31. invidious: tending to provoke envy or ill will.


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