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Thursday, May 15, 2003


\in-KLEM-uhnt\ , adjective;
Rough, harsh; extreme, severe -- generally restricted to the elements or weather.
Severe, unrelenting; cruel.
To make his misery complete he was forced to travel back in the winter, in the most inclement weather.
-- Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, The Sleeping Beauty and other Fairy Tales
Molly also noticed that the window frames had grooves of soft lead, less than an inch wide and shaped like blunt hooks, into which the glass could be slotted at night or during inclement weather.
-- Annabel Davis-Goff, The Dower House
Rosina concluded that a resident or guest had gone out back, possibly to use the privy, but this was a bit odd and certainly not routine, given the inclement weather and the availability of chamber pots in every room.
-- Patricia Cline Cohen, The Murder of Helen Jewett
Inclement is from Latin in-, "not" + clemens, "gentle, merciful."
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