Word of the Day Archive
June 2003

  1. ephemeron: something short-lived.
  2. desultory: jumping from subject to subject; erratic; inconsistent.
  3. specious: apparently right but not so in reality.
  4. interpolate: to insert between; also, to alter or corrupt by insertion.
  5. stertorous: characterized by a heavy snoring or gasping sound.
  6. alpenglow: a reddish glow seen near sunset or sunrise on the summits of mountains.
  7. fatuous: inanely foolish; stupid; also, illusory.
  8. miscreant: a scoundrel, a villain; also, a heretic.
  9. trice: an instant; a moment.
  10. surfeit: excess; an excessive amount.
  11. provender: food or provisions.
  12. bibelot: a small object of curiosity, beauty, or rarity.
  13. gnomic: uttering, containing, or characterized by maxims.
  14. invective: insulting or abusive language.
  15. paterfamilias: the male head of a household; the father of a family.
  16. land of Nod: sleep.
  17. inhere: to be inherent.
  18. bombast: pompous or pretentious speech or writing.
  19. valetudinarian: a weak or sickly person.
  20. bellwether: a leader or leading indicator.
  21. facile: easily done or performed.
  22. jovial: merry; joyous; jolly.
  23. inculcate: to teach and impress by frequent repetition or instruction.
  24. parvenu: an upstart; one newly risen in class or economic status.
  25. choleric: easily angered; also, indicating or expressing anger.
  26. insouciant: marked by blithe unconcern; nonchalant.
  27. concupiscence: lust.
  28. nettlesome: causing irritation, vexation, or distress.
  29. dapple: a small contrasting blotch; also, to mark with spots.
  30. antediluvian: extremely old.


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