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Saturday, November 01, 2003


\VAP-id; VAY-pid\ , adjective;
Lacking liveliness and spirit; unanimated; spiritless; dull; as, "a vapid speech."
Flavorless; lacking taste or zest; flat; as, "vapid beer."
One year he was writing vapid and sentimental mediocrities, and the next he was turning out one of the best poems of our century.
-- Anatole Broyard, New York Times
Especially in his coverage of the first 800 years of Russian architecture, he resorts to a prose of vapid enthusiasms; too many buildings are described like this, about a country palace: "a breathtaking masterpiece that fairly shimmered with Baroque splendor."
-- Richard Lourie, "Firebrands and Firebirds", New York Times, April 5, 1998
The rest consisted of vapid anecdotes that revealed nothing but her own alleged caring, bromides that said nothing an ad agency couldn't tell you.
-- Andrew Sullivan, "One Last Time", New Republic, August 28, 2000
The source of vapid is Latin vapidus, "spiritless, spoiled, flat."
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