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Tuesday, March 30, 2004


\gran-DIL-uh-kwuhnt\ , adjective;
Lofty in style; pompous; bombastic.
He became more than usually grandiloquent as if to make up for the years of silence with words of gold.
-- Peter Ackroyd, "Supreme man of letters", Times (London), November 22, 2000
The more grandiloquent and picturesque the language the greater the distance at which he keeps you.
-- Richard Eder, "Irish Memories, Irish Poetry", New York Times, September 19, 1976
A voracious reader with a passion for history and great men, he was a droll raconteur with a grandiloquent style.
-- Richard Siklos, Shades of Black
Grandiloquent comes from Latin grandiloquus, from grandis, "grand" + loqui, "to speak." The noun form is grandiloquence.
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