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Sunday, April 04, 2004


\TY-raid; tih-RAID\ , noun;
A long angry speech; a violent denunciation; a prolonged outburst full of censure or abuse.
The force of this tirade made Matthew glance nervously at Coots, who shrugged and asked his partner, "You just about all through?"
-- Trevanian, Incident at Twenty-Mile
Bobby wanted to enquire further, but knew better; more questions were apt to set off a tirade.
-- Stephen King, Hearts In Atlantis
He was likeable, had panache, and his contemptuous tirades were rarely taken at face value.
-- Michael Schaller, Altered States
Tirade comes from French, from Italian tirada, properly, "a pulling"; hence, "a lengthening out, a long speech, a tirade," from tirare, "to pull, to draw."
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