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Saturday, April 17, 2004


\TROG-luh-dyt\ , noun;
A member of a primitive people that lived in caves, dens, or holes; a cave dweller.
One who is regarded as reclusive, reactionary, out of date, or brutish.
When the survivalists emerged blinking into the sunlight to restock their caves after the terror, my first reaction was to say, "Bless their dotty, troglodyte hearts."
-- Judy Mann, "Survivalists Flee Reality to Live in Fear", Washington Post, October 5, 2001
. . .an admitted electronics-averse troglodyte like myself, who writes with a fountain pen, shaves with a mug and brush, grinds his own coffee and spends summers in a Maine fishing town where the nearest latte is 45 minutes away.
-- Frank Van Riper, "Another Door Opens", Washington Post, May 5, 2000
For the first time, opening a fashion magazine didn't make me feel like a cloddish troglodyte who needed fixing.
-- Janelle Brown, "Keeping it real", Salon, June 4, 2001
Troglodyte comes from Latin Troglodytae, a people said to be cave dwellers, from Greek Troglodytai, from trogle, "a hole" + dyein, "to enter." The adjective form is troglodytic.
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