Word of the Day Archive
November 2004

  1. debouch: to emerge; to issue.
  2. jejune: lacking in nutritional value; also, immature; also, dull.
  3. redolent: having or exuding fragrance; also, evocative, reminiscent.
  4. imprecation: a curse.
  5. obsequious: servilely attentive; fawning.
  6. effrontery: shameless boldness; insolence.
  7. arriviste: an upstart.
  8. fallible: liable to make a mistake.
  9. gadabout: one who roams about in search of amusement or social activity.
  10. ribald: characterized by, or given to, vulgar humor.
  11. turbid: muddy; not clear; also, confused; disordered.
  12. propitiate: to appease; to conciliate.
  13. discomfit: to disconcert; also, to thwart.
  14. intrepid: fearless; bold.
  15. chortle: to utter, or express with, a snorting, exultant laugh or chuckle.
  16. louche: of questionable taste or morality.
  17. supplant: to take the place of.
  18. clerisy: the intelligentsia.
  19. denouement: the final resolution of the main complication of a literary or dramatic work.
  20. prink: to primp.
  21. sagacious: having or showing keen discernment.
  22. disquisition: a formal discourse on a subject.
  23. panjandrum: an important or self-important official.
  24. tattoo: a rapid, rhythmic drumming or rapping.
  25. cormorant: a gluttonous or greedy person.
  26. pastiche: a hodgepodge; a potpourri.
  27. egregious: outrageously bad.
  28. cajole: to coax.
  29. Promethean: of or pertaining to Prometheus; also, boldly original.
  30. contretemps: something inopportune or embarrassing.


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