Word of the Day Archive
February 2005

  1. circumambient: surrounding; encompassing.
  2. ukase: an edict.
  3. discursive: digressive; rambling; also, marked by analytical reasoning.
  4. pukka: genuine, authentic, or good; proper.
  5. kvetch: to complain habitually.
  6. brio: vigor; vivacity.
  7. importunate: troublesomely urgent.
  8. dishabille: the state of being carelessly or partially dressed.
  9. purblind: having greatly reduced vision.
  10. asseverate: to affirm or declare positively or earnestly.
  11. celerity: quickness; swiftness.
  12. nefarious: wicked in the extreme.
  13. agitprop: propaganda.
  14. inamorata: a woman whom one is in love with.
  15. diffident: bashful or unassertive.
  16. polymath: a person of great or varied learning.
  17. fiduciary: relating to the holding of something in trust for another.
  18. perspicacity: clearness of understanding.
  19. legerdemain: sleight of hand.
  20. cavalcade: a procession.
  21. faineant: doing nothing; idle; also, a do-nothing.
  22. perforce: by necessity.
  23. mellifluous: flowing sweetly or smoothly.
  24. eschew: to shun; to avoid.
  25. blackguard: a scoundrel.
  26. mulct: to defraud.
  27. paean: a song or other expression of praise or joy.
  28. incipient: beginning to exist or appear.


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